Slime-san Review: An Awesome Deal for Indie Platform Gamers!

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Looking for a fun, unique, and challenging (but forgiving) indie platformer? Look no further than Slime-san from developer Fabraz! (You can pick it up for $11.99 here!). In Slime-san, you play as a green blob of slime (called Slime-san) that has been gobbled up by a giant worm. Starting deep in the worm’s belly, you must make your way through various rooms and levels to find your way back out of its mouth. Along the way, you’ll jump, slide, and slime your way through the worm’s intestines—but be sure to avoid everything red, including the worm’s toxic stomach acid! Just remember: green is safe, but red is deadly.

Green is OK, but red is deadly!
Green is OK, but red is deadly!

This fast-paced precision platformer features stunningly smooth gameplay, made even more smooth by the fact that you instantly respawn when you die (and we mean instantly!). As far as controls are concerned, their complexity will likely take some getting used to for most players, but rest assured that Slime-san walks you through each of its controls by slowly rolling them out and making sure that you understand them fairly well by presenting little puzzles that you must solve with your newly acquired skills.

Here's an example of how Slime-san walks you through each individual control.
Here’s an example of how Slime-san walks you through each individual control. This tip is about morphing!

If you find one particular control to be quite challenging, just keep trying, and we can almost guarantee that you’ll eventually get it—and you’ll probably be pretty happy with yourself! And, if you find that the game’s hints and instructional puzzles aren’t helping enough, you can always partake in optional training sessions through the game’s Town (more on the Town below).

Slime-san really helps out when it comes to learning the "moves"!
Slime-san really helps out when it comes to learning the “moves”! Here are the training sessions you can partake in at the Town.

Slime-san features 100 levels with 4 rooms in each for a total of 400 rooms. But the game also features a harder mode of difficulty which provides another 100 levels with 4 rooms in each. That’s a grand total of 800 levels, each filled with slimy and chaotic fun! After beating 20 levels, you’ll encounter a boss—and if you are triumphant, you’ll continue on to the game’s next 20 levels (and the next boss).

One of the bosses in Slime-san!
One of the bosses in Slime-san!

In each of the game’s rooms, you’ll need to make your way from point A to point B as quickly as you can—and if you’re too slow, the worm’s stomach acid will steadily creep up on you! Of course, if the stomach acid (or anything else red) does get you, you’ll instantly respawn and be free to try again!

OH NO! The stomach acid is rising! Better hurry!
OH NO! The stomach acid is rising! Better hurry!

While your primary objective is to get from point A to point B without dying, there are also two optional objectives that you may want to pursue. First, you may choose to collect an apple in every room. Apples are used as currency in Slime-san, and they are often difficult to reach. Choosing to collect an apple in a room can turn an easy room into an impossibly hard one! Another optional objective is to try to beat the level in a certain amount of time. These optional objectives add extra replayability to an already quite replayable game.

Slime-san features abilities similar to those found in other platformers, such as jumping, climbing, and dashing. But unique to Slime-san is your ability to slime your way through any green platforms with the push of a button. (Splatoon players: this is quite similar to Inklings being able to slip through grated platforms while in squid form.) Also, while you’re in “sliming mode” (which is officially called “morph mode”), you automatically slow down time, which is really helpful when you’re trying to avoid lots of fast-moving deadly obstacles. Once again: anything green is safe, but anything red will kill you!

Those red objects are deadly, but the green platforms are safe!
This room looks like a certain NES classic!

Slime-san’s tight controls and slim margin of error allow you to learn gradually, and the instant respawns after death help prevent excessive frustration. Plus, it can be pretty calming to know that death in Slime-san is almost always caused by your carelessness or impatience, not by the game’s difficult design. Once again, if you keep trying, you’ll get it—especially if you take your time and move carefully through each room. Finally, it’s exciting to know that Slime-san never gets dull, since it introduces so many new mechanics over time—including exploding enemies, blades, and projectiles that follow Slime-san on his journey through the worm’s belly.

To aid your journey, you can purchase a variety of things in the Town, an area filled with shops, characters, and a few surprising secrets. For example, secret coins can unlock cool retro games for multiplayer play, but they are hard to acquire!

You can change the outfit of your Slime-san, or your bird, at the shop in the town!
You can change the outfit of your Slime-san, or your bird, at a shop in the town!

The town’s shops provide a variety of products and services. For instance, there are shops that let you change your Slime-san’s appearance and abilities, and there’s another shop that lets you skip a level you’re stuck on (if you have the required amount of currency!). Apples are the currency for almost everything in Slime-san, and as we mentioned above, you can collect them while playing through the game’s many levels and rooms.

Slime-san features much more beyond its basic gameplay, like the ability to unlock local multiplayer arcade games reminiscent of retro titles like Zelda and Pong. Plus, you can work to unlock additional modes of play, including Boss Rush, New Game+, and Speed Running!

An example of a retro bonus game, this one inspired by Zelda!
An example of a retro-style bonus game, this one inspired by Zelda!

While Slime-san, like many retro indie titles, only features a handful of colors in its color scheme, the few colors chosen by Fabraz actually work together beautifully. It reminds us of swimming in crystal clear water, or slipping around icy platforms—even though you’re supposed to be in a worm’s belly!

Doesn't this remind you of ice?
Doesn’t this remind you of ice?

There’s also a good deal of cool Japanese-inspired art (rendered in a retro, pixelated fashion) that appears between levels and in the Town, and the game’s chiptune soundtrack fits perfectly Slime-san’s game play and art style.

Some awesome Japanese art!
Some awesome Japanese-inspired art!

Overall, Slime-san is a fantastic game that offers a unique challenge to platforming vets. And with the game’s extensive instruction, it also serves as an excellent introduction to those new to the platforming scene. We recommend Slime-san to anyone interested in a unique retro indie platformer, and we definitely think it’s a great value for the low price of $11.99! Pick it up from the eShop here!

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