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Patent Filed for Drums and Keyboard Peripherals for Switch

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With the first Nintendo Labo kits coming out just over a month from now, Nintendo continues to remind us that it is constantly searching for new and unique ways for consumers to interact with their games. If you were a Nintendo fan back in the Gamecube days you may have been similarly surprised by the DK Bongos, an attachment that allowed you to use a pair of bongo drums to play games on your Gamecube. The Bongos were released along with the rhythm game Donkey Konga in 2004, eventually getting a total of three games released for them over the span of about a year before Nintendo stopped supporting them about a year before the Wii’s release.

Donkey Kong Drums and Keyboard Nintendo Switch

Over the past 12 years, the DK Bongos haven’t seen any relevancy other than being used to play games they were never intended for including Smash Bros, Dark Souls, and even Breath of the Wild. However, after being buried for the past 12 years, the Bongos may finally be seeing the light of day again.

According to Rösti on Resetera, Nintendo has filed a patent for drums and keyboard functionality with the Switch. It doesn’t look like fans will be able to simply plug in their old bongos and play games though, as the details seem to describe them as communicating with the Switch console via light emitters and the IR camera on the Joy-Cons. While the details on their functionality and how it works are a bit complicated, it seems likely that the drums and keyboard may be coming to the Switch via Labo kits sometime in the future. With the introduction of the line of Labo kits, Nintendo is greatly expanding the amount of creative ways to play and build using their best-selling new console. With just the robot and variety kits, Nintendo has been able to show that the possibilities for Labo are nearly limitless and the reinvention of the bongos shows Nintendo isn’t afraid to look back at their past for inspiration.

What kind of kits do you want to see from Labo in the future? What kind of old Nintendo controllers or accessories do you want to see make a comeback through Labo? Let us know in the comments!

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