Video Games Monthly Unboxing Review

What’s the Deal – Video Games Monthly

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Video Games Monthly is a monthly subscription service that delivers retro video games to gamers who own classic gaming systems from the 1970’s – 2000’s.

For a monthly fee (plus a pretty reasonable shipping charge) you can get retro and modern-retro games delivered straight to your door. Titles from a huge variety of consoles are available, anything from Intellivision to Super Famicom — it’s all there.

Video Games Monthly
Video Games Monthly box showed up a bit dented, but the games inside were secure and safe!

I opted for the lowest tier, the “3-UP” which includes three titles from systems I select for $34.99. VGM has a cool little tracking system that lets you mark which games you already own on the systems that are available, that way you’ll never get a duplicate. Seemed like a great system to me, and it worked!

Video Games Monthly
First peek inside the box

Upon opening the box I discovered a “2-UP” bonus card inside that revealed I actually received 5 total games instead of my scheduled 3 — a pretty sweet free upgrade to my package!

Video Games Monthly
NFL Blitz, Paperboy, and Rainbow Six for Game Boy

I opted to receive Game Boy or GameCube games, and inside the box discovered that I’d actually received a mix of the two. First up were the Game Boy titles, which showed a little age. Paperboy’s cart was a little grimy, but nothing too bad. The others were in fine condition.

Video Games Monthly
Resident Evil Zero and Sonic Riders for GameCube

Under the three Game Boy games were two GameCube titles I didn’t own yet — Resident Evil Zero and Sonic Riders. The Sonic Riders case has a giant black sticker on the front that.. won’t be coming off easy. I tried peeling the corner but could tell it wouldn’t budge without some extra help. Resident Evil Zero (Player’s Choice version) has the same black sticker on the back which is kind of a bummer. Upside is it has both discs are inside, and it is a two-disc GameCube case, something that isn’t always super easy to find. Looks like both RE:0 discs were resurfaced, they both have some goop left in the disc center. Oh well, that’s easy to clean.

Also in the box was a Video Games Monthly pin, pen, and card. Couple more photos showing everything together:


Overall I think the price to product ratio is about even. The downside to ordering from VGM is you don’t get to inspect the product before you get it, and if you do some hunting you can probably find better deals. I checked average eBay sale prices for the games I received and think it was about even with what I paid, but I wouldn’t have paid for games with giant stickers on them.

On the plus side you get surprised every month with awesome retro games, and you won’t ever get doubles!

Will I subscribe for another month? Maybe. I need to update my game tracker and then I’ll consider it. Check out Video Games Monthly if you’re hungry for a surprise in your mail box every month. If you’re a deal hunter like me, give them a try and see what you end up with! Reach out to me on Twitter and let me know what you end up getting in your box — fingers crossed it’s something good!

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