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Tom Bihn’s Aeronaut 45 Includes Everything to Satisfy Your Travelling Needs

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The Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45 is minimal in terms of looks, but certainly doesn’t let that take away from its usefulness and ability to get the job done. If you’re looking for a one or two week bag for travel, or want to avoid the click clack of roller wheels down cobblestone streets, this bag is for you.

Build Quality

As we stated in our review of the Synapse 25, there are two things you’ll notice immediately when you pick up any Tom Bihn product: the meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials. Everything about this bag screams hand-made quality-and that’s because it is hand-made, in a small building just outside of downtown Seattle, WA.

For an over the shoulder bag the Aeronaut 45 is heavier than your average duffel bag, but we attribute that to it’s sturdiness and hardened shell – the the 1050d ballistic nylon version we reviewed comes in at just under 3lbs unpacked. Then high tenacity exterior is going to go many years without showing any wear and tear. The Aeronaut 45 was built to fly. It has no internal frame, yet stays rigid, perfect as a carry-on bag as it fits well within the limits of the size restrictions of major airlines (22” x 14” x 9”). The interior is lined with Tom Bihn’s ultralight Halcyon 200 material. It’s virtually impossible to tear so don’t be afraid to stuff this bag to its limits. The #10 heavy duty YKK Coil Aquaguard water-repellent zippers, which keep your bag dry from the inside out, are stiff and secure to prevent accidental opening in transit.

interior tom bihn
Halcyon 200d is a high-tech, high-performance alternative to the ubiquitous “oxford” cloths commonly used in backpacks and travel bags for interlinings, internal dividers and accessories.

Enhancing this quality workmanship, Tom Bihn offers a lifetime guarantee on everything. It covers defects in materials and workmanship, but repairs due to wear and tear will incur a small charge.


This over-the-shoulder bag boasts one main compartment and two side compartments. All compartments can be outfitted with Tom Bihn’s packing cubes and they are the recommended way to fill this bag. I was easily able to slide two pairs of shoes into one of the side pockets and use one of Tom Bihn’s laundry bags in the other. The main compartment is bigger than it looks. I was able to pack a week’s worth of clothing easily in the main compartment and the included bottom straps allow you to bolt your clothing down or attach some accessories directly to the bag. Speaking of straps, there is a fourth component to this bag, which is the back pouch. Inside, there are two large backpack straps that let you convert this over-the-shoulder bag into a full fledged backpack. Perfect for keeping your hands free and if you are trying to carry multiple bags at the same time.


Reviewing this bag has been an absolute pleasure. I took this bag on multiple trips and put it through the paces. From being able to slide the bag into an overhead bin to turning it into a backpack when I as on foot, you can tell this bag was designed for travelers. With 9 O-ring hooks, the bag is easily expandable with several accessories and has got a unique spot for everything. Although we reviewed the Aeronaut 45, if you are looking for something on the smaller size, Tom Bihn also offers a smaller size (Aeronaut 35) for those looking for a great option as an overnight bag or for short haul regional flights.

If you have any additional questions about product specifics reach out to the fine folks at Tom Bihn:

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