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The Fall Part 2 Changes the Conventions of Puzzle Solving on Nintendo Switch with Lackluster Results

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From developer and publish­­­er Over the Moon comes The Fall Part 2: Unbound, the adventure-puzzle game that breaks all of your previously held conventions of what it means to be an AI in a limited universe. This unique premise has promised to be even more engaging and innovating that its predecessor, The Fall, and challenges the player to become unlimited in their capability.

As you explore the digital world, you’ll find robot companions for you to inhabit.


Following immediately after the conclusion of The Fall you once again control ARID, an artificial intelligence who has broken free of her previous shackles, or so you thought! A human has interfered with your ability to traverse the digital universe by infecting you with a mysterious virus, putting you in tremendous harm and limiting what you’re capable of. As an AI you must create a new protocol, to save yourself and hunt the user by doing whatever it takes and using whatever you can find to truly become unbound.

Part of the puzzle solving comes through influencing your robot host, which has an independent mind, to do your bidding.


The Fall Part 2 is a 2D sidescroller that takes an interesting approach to puzzle solving. The main goal of the game is to free yourself from the clutches of the evil “User” by manipulating and working with robot entities to progress. In doing this, however, you end up being tied down to the limitations of each robot you control, and if you ever miss a step in the very obscure and discrete puzzles you have to essentially start a loop again and work your way through everything again. This can often turn into an endless cycle of repetition, which is very frustrating and even boring at times. It doesn’t help that the story does very little to keep you enticed for very long and fails to push the narrative forward through the gameplay, which is also a big letdown as you never feel tied to the reason you’re solving the puzzles. There were also a few moments where the game didn’t sync up correctly and ended up crashin. I hope that issue gets solved through a patch before it’s released, otherwise quite a few players will experience this frustration.

The repetition creates many moments where you see the same scene over and over again, like putting lipstick on your dead master’s dead wife…

One element I was looking forward to was the combat, as the game boasts some new mechanics that weren’t present in the first installment of the series. Unfortunately like the rest of the gameplay, the combat ended up functioning well below my expectations. Instead of offering significant challenge, the enemies were easily disposed of (no I wasn’t playing on ‘easy’ mode). This lack of challenging combat and incredibly frustrating puzzle-solving system was a real let down and didn’t create a very enjoyable gaming experience.

Like the robots, this game is best left unseen.

Graphics & Sound

Being that this game takes place in a dystopian universe, The Fall Part 2 does a very good job of creating that futuristic but suspenseful atmosphere. The visuals are consistently dark, with quick flashing lights being the only opportunity for you to really see the entirety of your environment. The sound design is also very effective in contributing to the atmosphere. One element that made this even more enjoyable was the fact that there were four completely different voices associated with the playable characters in the game. This shows real dedication on the part of the studio for taking the time to make sure the voices were done correctly and effectively, and these two elements were the only real highlights of this game for me. I just wish they had taken similar time and effort when crafting the rest of the game.

The Fall Part 2 Title 2


Considering that The Fall won the Story of the Year award in 2014, the second entry in this series certainly had big shoes to fill. Given the frustrating puzzle-solving gameplay, a story that failed to keep me engaged, and the bugs that crashed the game for me, the unbound nature of The Fall Part 2 seems very limited. The only redeemable qualities of this game were the graphic and sound design, and even those two things couldn’t save this game. With a price point of $16.99 I can’t really consider this game a good value for what you get and have to say this is a NintenDon’t.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – Over The Moon
Developer – Over The Moon
Price – $16.99
Genre – Adventure, Puzzle, Role-Playing, Action
Size – 769MB

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