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Switch-Con Portable HDMI Hub for Nintendo Switch — First Look!

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A Kickstarter campaign popped up a few weeks ago promising a small, portable HDMI hub that would cost less than Nintendo’s dock and still provide a way to play in TV “docked” mode. We were given an exclusive first look at the device and ran a few quick tests.

Switch-Con HDMI hub
Switch-Con HDMI hub plugged into Nintendo’s USB-C AC adapter and HDMI cable — it works!

The Switch-Con HDMI hub has two USB-C ports on one side, two USB 3.0 ports on the opposite side, a female HDMI port and USB-C power port on one end, and an extended male USB-C cable coming out the opposite end.

The Kickstarter page states that this device is compatible with Nintendo Switch as well as the Samsung S8/S8+, but we can’t confirm that as we don’t have a Samsung smartphone available for testing.

The device does need to be powered, and keep in mind that a “docked” Nintendo pulls a decent amount, so it requires a good AC adapter. Nintendo’s own USB-C AC adapter (the one that comes packaged along in the retail box) is what worked for us. Neither our favorite Anker USB-C power bank, or the USB-C AC adapter for a Google Pixel XL provided enough power to allow the Switch to push HDMI to our test TV. The screen would go black like it was trying to, but it never worked.

(We confirmed with the creators that any USB-C power adapter that outputs 15v 2.6A will work with the Switch-Con hub)

Switch-Con HDMI hub
The Switch-Con HDMI hub is small! Great portability.

Not much larger than a single Joy-Con the Switch-Con hub is pretty light, but feels relatively strong with a nice metal casing. If you’re looking for a way to connect your Switch to a TV when you’re on-the-go, or you want to purchase a 2nd dock but aren’t pleased by the dock scratching the screen on the Switch, this Switch-Con hub might be perfect for you!

The only pledges still available are 1x Switch-Con hub for $69 or 10x Switch-Con hubs for $589 (~$59/each).

Keep in mind that while we’ve done some testing, this IS a third-party (unlicensed) device, and could potentially harm your console. Please also remember that even if a product is fully funded it may not turn out as you expect. The device we tested was an early test sample.

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