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Super One More Jump Brings Fast-Paced Addictive Platforming Action to the Nintendo Switch

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Jointly developed by SMG Studios (the same studio that brought us a puzzle favorite in Death Squared) and Premo Games and published by SMG Studios comes Super One More Jump, the insanely addicting 2D arcade platformer that has you traversing over 100 uniquely designed levels on your journey of diamond collection and mastery of the simple gameplay mechanics.

Super One More Jump Level 1
Jump your way through a variety of levels that become increasingly more challenging


While not having a ‘story’ in the traditional sense, Super One More Jump has the player controlling any one of a number of unique avatars as you explore increasingly difficult levels that challenge your patience, concentration, and your sanity! Your goal is simple, survive each level while collecting three diamonds before you reach the end portal.


Super One More Jump uses as stripped down of a gameplay system as possible, in fact it only uses one button the entire time. All you can do is jump, but the trick comes with timing your jumps in order to successfully navigate each level. As you progress through the game new mechanics are introduced. Some of these new mechanics include moving barriers that travel with you and then suddenly stop become common, switches that make portions of the level disappear also allow new sections of the level to be accessible, purple blobs that stop you in your tracks require precise timing in order to move on. These make for an incredibly exciting and challenging gaming experience that will keep you coming back because it’s so addictive!

Super One More Jump Level Layout
Upon completing each level, you unlock different ways to enjoy each one beyond the traditional way

If you find yourself dying (and don’t worry, you will die… quite a bit…) there aren’t any significant load times in between attempts. Super One More Jump wants you to keep playing it, so by shortening the load times in between deaths you never have enough time to think about anything other than completing the level you’re on.

For anyone concerned about the depth of content, there is an additional mode outside of the traditional level based mode called endless mode that allows players to employ the same mechanics on a ‘run’ style track that never ends. This can serve as the ultimate test to players who need the extra challenge. A cool bonus is that each of these modes can be played cooperatively with up to three additional players.

Super One More Jump Level Variation
Levels have very different feels depending on the graphic style you choose.

Super One More Jump Level Variation 2


One of my favorite pieces of this game is its use of a variety of different graphical styles. Rather than sticking to one specific style, the developers decided to incorporate thematic skins based on the art styles of some of the studios favorite artists from the community. These can be unlocked by using the diamonds you collect throughout your play through and add a really cool touch of customization to the gaming experience.

Super One Man Jump Community Artists
Community artists designed the different skins that you can unlock

In the sound department, Super One More Jump doesn’t really do a ton. The tracks are limited, and if you find yourself stuck on a difficult level the tracks will loop themselves. This is a bummer given that the rest of the content is so extensive, but it can be forgiven based on the fact that this game is designed for consumption in shorter bursts rather than an extended play through.

Super One More Jump Title 2


Super One More Jump offers simple yet addicting gameplay that is incredibly difficult to master, especially given the increasingly difficult level design throughout the game. The use of community based artists to add to the customization options tells gamers that this development team listens to their fans and uses their feedback to make their games better. I highly recommend this game to any Switch owner as it is definitely a Nintendeal.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – SMG Studio
Developer – SMG Studio / Premo Games
Price – $7.00
Genre – Arcade, Platformer, Party, Other
Size – 86.0 MB

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