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Super Burger Time: A Classic, Well Done

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I can safely assume if you’re reading this, you’ve played Pac-Man or Donkey Kong. Definitely Super Mario Brothers of some flavor, and likely a Zelda. But how many of you have played the original Burger Time, either on NES or in the arcade? A much lower percentage, I’d wager.

Fortunately, Flying Tiger Entertainment has you covered, but not with the original. No, they’ve chosen to port the arguably superior 16-bit Super Burger Time from its original arcade incarnation to a fantastic edition that’s part of the Johnny Turbo collection.


Now, I’m not going to get into the searing debate of OG vs. Super. The original Burger Time is a classic among classics, but if you’ve never experienced it, or perhaps in passing many years ago, Super makes a much easier modern entry point to the unique gameplay.


You are Chef Peter Pepper, Jr., and you must navigate mazes of platforms and ladders, assembling giant burgers while fending off evil ingredients with your pepper shaker. Occasionally a boss reveals itself, but really, your job is to build burgers.

The graphics in Super Burger Time are cartoony and fun, and much improved from the original. You have limited pepper in your shaker, so season with restraint, and you can jump, fall, or smack burger tiers down from level to level. Each stage is finished when you’ve assembled all of the burgers available, or defeated the boss.


You can also play Super co-op, unlike the original, which is great fun. I found playing with a friend feels very much like Bubble Bobble, but deeper, since it’s about more than just ridding the screen of enemies.

Flying Tiger deploys their always-excellent porting skills again here, resulting in a slew of display options, save states, and all the other welcome additions of the Johnny Turbo collection. They’ve definitely got the Data East engines down, and every game I’ve played is an as-perfect-as-possible stand-in for the original arcade hardware.



This game is almost a genre unto itself. It’s interesting trying to review iconic titles… how would you review Pac-Man? It’s Pac-Man. So, what I will say is this: it’s Burger Time, but Super. Everything about the original is here, but cranked up in a really fun way. If you like it, Flying Tiger has provided a stellar port. If you’ve never played it before, and like games like Bubble Bobble, you should definitely check this one out.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – Flying Tiger Entertainment, Inc.
Price – $7.99
Genre – Arcade / Puzzle / Platformer
Size – 60.8MB

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