Stick It To The Man – 1,199 Pennies For Your Thoughts

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Wandering through the city, Ray reads the mind of a young heart-broken man whose love interest has just left him. Gathering the young man’s tears, Ray passes them along to a chef who adds them to a stew, which turns out to be made of zombie arms!

Ray uses the zombie arm to lure an alligator out of the sewer, only to find out the man-eater is someone’s pet! In exchange, the alligator parts ways with his own teeth, which Ray gives to a dog to scare off some mobsters, allowing him to rescue a young man who’s been locked in the trunk of a car.

Behold, the glorious spaghetti noodle arm which can read minds! Also, a very snappy papercraft aesthetic.

The ridiculous chain of events goes on and on, with each step as absurd as the last, which is the real delight of Stick It To The Man.


As a hard hat tester, Ray has a fairly predictable, if strange, life. But even being hit in the head repeatedly couldn’t prepare him for the impact a small canister, and it’s mysterious contents, would have on his life after it fell from a passing plane and struck him on his way home from work.

Waking from a strange fever-like dream, Ray finds a long, pink, spaghetti-like arm sticking out of his skull. In addition to being fully prehensile, the arm allows him to read people’s thoughts and sets him on a wild adventure as he is pursued by a sinister government agent known as The Man.

The titular Man players will need to “stick it” to is not playing around. Escaping his agents can get pretty tricky for the weaponless Ray.

If Stick It To The Man sounds like a special mix of crazy and fun, it’s because the story was penned by Ryan North, who also wrote the Adventure Time comic book series. From conjoined triplet luchadors to geriatric disco dancers to psychiatrist ghosts obsessed with labotomies, Stick It To The Man is crammed to the brim with fun, absurd characters in ridiculous situations.


Stick It To The Man is broken up into chapters, and each chapter has a goal. Players must manipulate the environment and read the minds of those around them to figure out how to proceed.

Stumble upon something significant and the thoughts of others may solidify into a sticker, which Ray can peel from their brain and stick somewhere else to solve puzzles and advance the plot.

Although the puzzles in Stick It To The Man can be VERY strange, being able to read minds will keep you from getting stuck.

Puzzles are smartly designed and, unlike most adventure games, simply talking to people (or reading their minds) is often enough to illuminate the way forward.


With a tone vaguely reminiscent of slightly sinister cartoons like Courage the Cowardly Dog or Ren and Stimpy, and with stylistic similarities to Paper Mario, LittleBigPlanet, and Tearaway, Stick It To The Man has a distinctive art style which made me feel like it would fit right at home on the lineup of Adult Swim.

Ah, zombie arm stew perfectly seasoned with the tears of a broken-hearted man, just like mom used to make.

Sound is another area where Stick It To The Man is full of flavor. The soundtrack covers a wide variety of musical styles including jazz, swing, disco, and more, and the title screen has a fantastic backing track; Just Dropped In by Kenny Rogers (an excellent choice)!


Stick It To The Man is endearing, charming, wacky, and a whole lot of fun, and Ray’s adventure takes him to all kinds of ridiculous places. If this absurd, mind-bending adventure game sounds like your kind of strange, you can pick it up for $12 on the Nintendo eShop now!

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – Zoink Games
Developer – Zoink Games
Price – $11.99
Genre – Platformer, Puzzle, Adventure
Size –  861 MB

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