Songbringer: Procedurally Generated NES Zelda in a Science Fiction Universe

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Imagine a procedurally generated, roguelike version of NES Zelda, set in a futuristic sci-fi universe that tries not to take itself too seriously. That’s basically what you get with Songbringer, an exploration-focused indie born of a solo developer’s Kickstarter campaign. Play as Roq Epimetheos, a space traveler who unleashes an ancient evil force after touching a darkly magical sword. Armed with this sword, Roq must save his world from destruction.

Save your world from the destruction you inadvertently unleashed in Songbringer.
Save your world from the destruction you inadvertently unleashed.
Armed with a darkly magical sword, Roq must save his world from destruction.
Roq must save his world from destruction.

Enter a six-character seed to generate your world, then explore to discover where procedural generation will take you next. Like in Zelda, you’ll wander the world, battle enemies, challenge dungeons, and collect weapons, abilities, and items. Some dungeons require that you have a certain item in your inventory, so it’s important to collect everything you find in case you need it later. (It’s also crucial to take on the dungeons in numbered order if you can, which helps ensure you have the items you need.)

Items are extremely helpful when taking on dungeons.
Items are helpful when taking on dungeons.

Just 20% of collectibles are activated each seed, and they allow for a creative and customized strategy. As you progress, you can even combine items, boosting their power for late-game challenges. Even so, the game grows challenging and arguably confusing with progression, and since everything is procedurally generated, it’s easy to feel lost and uncertain of your next move. Songbringer is not an “easy” game, and it’s not for players who need a little hand-holding.

Songbringer is not for players who need any hand-holding.
Songbringer won’t be holding your hand.

The pixel-art graphics are this game’s biggest its strength, and a masterful use of brightness and shading keeps every environment looking fresh and crisp. This amazing visual art style is complemented by a dubstep-inspired soundtrack that fits the  game’s goofy, futuristic, and psychedelic vibes. These sounds and visuals are ready to pull you into their strange, twisted world. Are you ready to go?

We literally can't praise these graphics enough.
We literally can’t praise these graphics enough.

We think you should think about it. Do you need a linear, straightforward path to feel comfortable? Do you get frustrated when you’re not sure where to go? Do you often find yourself searching for online guides? If you answered “yes” to any of these, you might not be ready to go. But if you answered “no” to all 3, then Songbringer might be the new journey you’re looking for.

Consider Songbringer if you're ready for a challenge.
Consider Songbringer if you’re ready for a challenge.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – Double Eleven
Developer – Wizard Fu Studios
Price – $19.99
Genre – Action, Adventure, Role-Playing
Size – 1.1 GB

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