Skip Your Daily Coffee and Pick Up the Indie Switch Title “KAMIKO”

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Created by the indie developer Skipmore Games (responsible for the wildly popular 3DS eShop Fairune series) KAMIKO is a short, simple arcade action game with elements of puzzle solving, a beautiful original soundtrack, and three distinct characters each with their own unique play-styles, all wrapped into a gorgeous pixel fantasy world featuring a story with strong suggestions of Japenese Shinto beliefs.

Yamato, Uzume, and Hinome are the three heroines in this short story. Each has a unique fighting style: Yamato is a close-combat fighter; an expert with the sword. Uzume is a ranged fighter; an expert with the bow. Hinome is a mixed ranged and close-combat; an expert with both her dagger and a mirror boomerang.

Kamiko makes up for its lack of originality by creating a polished, easy to figure out, incredibly fun experience. Certain gameplay elements from Zelda, Hyper Light Drift, and Y’s are all present, and all as fun as you’d expect.

There are four worlds, each world has four pillars, and all the pillars must be activated before moving on to the boss of that world. As you can see from my completed times below, each area takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Unique environments, and an upbeat soundtrack help keep Kamiko’s never-ending onslaught of enemies from getting dull. While each world has at least a few new enemy types, the normal mobs act the same and only have a small change of appearance.

The mechanics are simple: kill enemies to fill your power bar, use your power to unleash devastating attacks, unlock chests, and open doors. Chests contain keys, or orbs that are used to open doors and activate pillars. While you’re carrying a key or an orb you are not able to fight, and if you’re hit by an enemy you lose the item and have to return to where you found it. I found myself yelping several times after getting hit carrying a key half way across the map!

With three different characters to choose from, four different worlds to defeat, a nostalgic art style, and one of my favorite soundtracks of the year, I really can’t recommend picking up this $5 game more. The developers nailed it!

Grab $10 eShop credit so you can buy a copy for yourself, and one for a friend! Kamiko is available now.

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