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Skies of Fury DX Brings an Action Packed Aerial Experience That Soars on Nintendo Switch

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From developer Seed Interactive and publisher IlluminationGames comes Skies of Fury DX, the Nintendo Switch port of the popular mobile game. This aerial combat epic sees you take control of both British and German pilots during the historic Bloody April that took place during World War 1.

Skies of Fury Sky 1
Fly through some beautiful skylines as you complete 100 campaign missions.


Being set in WW1, Skies of Fury DX takes place during April 1917, which is more commonly referred to as Bloody April. This was a time during the war when the British Royal Flying Corps suffered heavy casualties at the hands of the German Luftstreitkräfte (Air Force).

Throughout the game you are able to unlock comic strips based on the real life history of this time during the war, and this unique storyline rooted in actual history is very refreshing in a game.

Skies of Fury DX Time Trial
Time Trial mode has you flying through rings, shooting targets, and sprinting to the finish line.


Skies of Fury DX uses the dual analog sticks of the Nintendo Switch to control flight throughout the game. The left stick controls the throttle and the braking functionality, while the right stick controls the direction you fly by twisting and turning your airplane. Additionally, the right bumper lets you open fire on your enemies, with a slight aim assist that gives you the best opportunity you to hone your skills and abilities of aerial combat.

Five chapters divide up the single player missions, each of which falls under three different types. Deathmatch missions put you in an aerial firefight where you mow down enemy squadrons; escort events have you protect your allies as they travel down a predetermined path; and time-trials challenge you to complete a flight course in a certain amount of time while traveling through rings and shooting at targets. While the three different styles of mission don’t change, the difficult increases with each chapter and part of the campaign sees you switching between both British and German planes to experience history from both sides.

Skies of Fury DX Dogfight
In a dogfight, take out your enemies with precision and speed!

There are plenty of incentives as you play the game. Each successful mission gives you experience points. These points go towards leveling up your rank, which in turn unlocks better planes and even rewards you with loot boxes. These loot boxes give you greater variety of customization, as each one unlocks either a new skin for the different planes or a different crosshair for you to use while you’re gunning down planes in the sky. Other than experience points, you are rewarded with skill points to enhance your skills and abilities in between unlocking new planes. These skills include decreasing your reload time and even increasing your overall health. They prove to be quite useful throughout the game as the steady increase in difficulty occurs.

Skies of Fury DX Sky 2
Control both British and German planes in this epic aerial adventure!

Local multiplayer is also an option in Skies of Fury DX, but I only found this mode to be enjoyable when there were three other players competing for aerial glory. The biggest bummer of this game is the lack of online multiplayer, but given that the campaign is quite substantial (100 levels with lots of replay ability to unlock more loot boxes and beat previous high scores) and the difficulty level stays fairly accessible, this missing mode can be overlooked.


The graphics for Skies of Fury DX adopt a comic book theme that is a very effective transition from mobile devices to the Nintendo Switch. The cartoony cel-shaded art style lends itself well to the great sense of excitement and adventure presented as you soar through the skies. The dark outlines present in the cel-shaded style also make each plane easily visible when you’re targeting them against the bright and colorful backdrop.

Skies of Fury DX Logo
Be prepared to soar with Skies of Fury DX!


Soaring from mobile devices to the Nintendo Switch, Skies of Fury DX is a very fun experience. From the graphical style, to the depth of content, and even to the fun approach to loot boxes, there are so many things that just work with this game. Given that the only thing that seems to be lacking is the online multiplayer, the $19.99 price tag is more than justified for this NintenDeal of a title and I highly recommend it to any Switch owner looking to spice up their digital library with an aerial combat game.


Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – IlluminationGames
Developer – Seed Interactive
Price – $19.99
Genre – First Person, Action, Multiplayer, Arcade
Size – 373MB

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