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Robonauts: Immersive Fun for Everyone!

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Robonauts from Qubic Games has landed on Switch, and we want to tell you what we think of this intense arcade-style shooter!

In Robonauts, you begin as a robonaut janitor on a giant spacecraft who’s stumbled into the ship’s docking bay. This part of the ship houses fighter robonauts, who wage a space war against the evil creatures plaguing the galaxy. Your robonaut dreams of joining this epic battle, but you’re stuck as a janitor—until your horsing around in the docking bay gets you launched accidentally into space!

Your robonaut (robotic astronaut) explores the docking bay!
Your robonaut (robotic astronaut) explores the docking bay!

Landing on a desert-like planet, all seems well until a horde of enemies appears on the horizon. But after quickly grabbing the weaponized suit of a fallen comrade, you transform into a fighter-robonaut-hero and instantly achieve your dream. Now that you have a weapon, you’re safe to explore the galaxy and defeat as many evil space creatures as you can, and you have the unique ability of hopping between planets with the click of a button. (A brief tutorial explains how to do this.)

Your robonaut sees the approaching horde and panics!
Your robonaut sees the approaching horde and panics!

In each level, you’ll aim to kill all enemies and reach the gate, a warp point that takes you to the next level. Along the way, you’ll encounter a wide variety of enemies who often drop health, power-ups, and new weapons, and you’ll also battle a handful of bosses. These enemies will become tougher as you venture deeper into the game, but don’t get discouraged—you can beat them all with practice.

This enemy in particular is pretty tough to beat.
One of the game’s many boss fights. (Good luck!)

Robonauts can be played in two modes of difficulty, casual and hard, which makes it a great game for the whole family. (However, we should note that we don’t think players of all ages can beat this game, since it becomes quite difficult as you get closer to the end—but everyone can at least play it, especially in casual mode.) The game also features two playing modes, with several multiplayer options: story mode and VS mode. Of course, story mode features the gameplay discussed above, and it can be played alone or with a friend, and VS mode lets you battle against a friend.

Here's what the split-screen co-op mode looks like!
Take on the Robonauts adventure in this split-screen co-op mode!

Spoil your senses with Robonaut’s stunning sound and visuals! The game’s soundtrack by Simon Viklund is an 80s-inspired synth explosion that makes you feel like a part of the Robonaut universe, and the sharp, vivid graphics might trick you into thinking that you’re planet-hopping and enemy-shooting yourself. The sounds you’ll hear and sights you’ll see work together to give the game a beautiful and immersive aesthetic that we think you’ll love.

Look at that gorgeous electric-blue color scheme!
Look at that gorgeous neon color scheme!

Overall, we think this a fantastic game for a wide variety of players. Whether you like to play by yourself or with friends; whether you’re up for a challenge or for something a little bit easier; whether you like to work together with your friends, or play against them—no matter what kind of player you are, we think you’ll find something you love in Robonauts. Plus, you’ll experience top-notch graphics and a bumping soundtrack, smooth gameplay, and intuitive controls, and you’ll have hours and hours of fun: with a dozen planetary systems to explore, a wide range of enemies to beat, and a large selection of weapons to use, what more can you ask for? If all this sounds good to you, you can pick up a digital copy of Robonauts right here. (As of publishing this review, the game is on sale for $13.49, but we expect it to return to its regular price of $14.99 in the near future.)

Give Robonauts a shot today!
If you like what you see, give Robonauts a shot today!

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