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Mercenary Kings Reloaded – I Could Have Sworn I Killed That Guy…

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Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition by Tribute Games is, appropriately, a tribute to classics like Contra and Mega Man, and draws inspiration from generations of side-scrolling shoot-em-ups with the added twist of crafting systems, weapon customization and a mission-based format in favor of the far more prevalent arcade-style stage-based games of old.


The game’s opening is truly exceptional. I’ve watched it over a dozen times and the music always gets me amped!

Mercenary Kings focuses on a mercenary company called The Kings, who are gunned down by rival company, CLAW. In order to bring King and his fellow soldiers back from the brink of death, they are infused with Mandrake formula, a secret serum which greatly enhances their bodies’ healing abilities. CLAW has now taken over the secret island laboratory where the Mandrake formula was created, capturing the project’s lead engineer in the process. To keep the island’s secrets out of enemy hands, it’s up to the Kings to stomp CLAW out.

As a member of the Mercenary Kings, you must stop CLAW and rescue Dr. Neil.


Playable solo, or with up to 4 players, gameplay in Mercenary Kings is a straightforward, satisfying loop of platforming, shooting, gathering, and upgrading. Select missions to gather supplies, rescue prospective team members, eliminate enemy troops, or more before deploying to the area map. Enemies can drop upgrade materials players can use to create armor, weapons, or unique modifiers, which adds a layer of strategy and sense of progress to the substantial campaign.

Normal enemies respawn constantly, but with the right weapon they will pose little challenge.

While it lends itself well to gathering materials without making repeat trips to the same mission, the game’s tendency to respawn enemies as soon as their bodies are out of sight can get a bit aggravating. During my time with the game I was often harried by the same flying enemy I had killed 4 or 5 times as I traveled back and forth across the map.

Co-op is fun and frenetic, although even when only two characters are onscreen, the game splits the visual real estate into four parts, (reserving the bottom half of the screen for two copies of the area map, one usable by each player) making it difficult to read menus even on a large television.

Although co-op is truly enjoyable, the screen real estate is meager, even with only two players.

Another mild frustration reared its head when I was playing with a partner of a different skill level. Each mission allows only three deaths before an automatic failure kicks you and your team back to the base. This can be distressing to new players who need a bit of help getting their sea legs, as some levels are already difficult even before considering the three death limit. (I’m looking at you, giant mech boss levels.)

Players will complete a variety of different mission types. Some simply require gathering materials, while others will have you facing down tough enemies.


A stylish re-imagining of what a classic SNES run and gun might look like, Mercenary Kings has fantastic art direction and visual design, which not only hold up fantastically on the Switch screen, but also contain many references to classic military franchises like Metal Gear, Rambo, and more. If the style looks familiar to you, it may be because the team is also responsible for the fantastic Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game.

The game is graphically (if stylishly) violent, and Tribute’s masterful approach to Mercenary King’s visual aesthetic is only bested by the game’s soundtrack.

Mercenary Kings has references to a host of other military franchises, which are a delight to discover for genre fans.

I played a bit of Mercenary Kings when it launched on PS4 in April of 2014, and swiftly picked up the soundtrack, which has been a constant in my music rotation ever since. From time to time the title theme and first level track pop back into my head, even after spending months or years away from the game. This is how you do retro-style soundtracks, so do yourself a favor and check it out on YouTube.


Mercenary Kings is a great game, and there is a lot to love with it. Although recent games have trained me to depend on more lenient jump mechanics and were a bit more forgiving on the whole, Mercenary Kings is the type of game which made me want to get better so I could experience more of it. It’s also a game in which making mistakes or even outright failing didn’t make me want to stop (except for those giant mech fights).

Come prepared with health pickups when facing mechs, as they are some of the most difficult enemies to defeat.

Mercenary Kings has one of the most memorable soundtracks, and some of the best art direction I’ve seen in years, so if you want a game with old school sensibilities, that has some meat on the bone, this is one to chew on.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – Tribute Games
Developer – Tribute Games Inc.
Price – $19.99
Genre – Action, First Person, Platformer, Multiplayer
Size – 239 MB

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