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LIMBO Brings a Dark and Suspenseful Experience to Nintendo Switch

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From developer and publisher Playdead comes the atmospheric puzzle adventure platformer LIMBO. Having originally taken the gaming world by storm in 2010, LIMBO brings intense themes, challenging puzzle solving, and an absolutely gorgeous design to the Nintendo Switch 8 years after its release.

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Outrun and outlast a wide variety of environmental puzzles and challenges on your journey to save your sister!


As a nameless boy who has woken up in the middle of the forest, you must search for, and find, your missing sister. Along the way you’ll discover the dark secrets of the world you’ve woken up in and do your best to conquer every obstacle on your way through LIMBO.


The true beauty of LIMBO lies in its simplicity. The opening of the game sees you immediately steeped in the adventure; no tutorial level, no wordy opening to the story, just darkness and a dreadful sense that you’re not entirely alone in this dark world. From there you quickly become familiar with the controls that you’ll be using, of which there are only three. You move freely to the left and right by using the left stick, the ‘B’ or ‘X’ button allows you to jump, and the ‘A’ button gives you the opportunity to interact with different environmental objects. While this control scheme is incredibly simple, the difficulty of LIMBO lies in the seamless use of all three controlling elements to conquer the enemies and environment and solve the puzzles along the way.

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There aren’t only monsters trying to stop you in this forest…

I died so many times while playing this game (I should mention that the Nintendo Switch versions of both LIMBO and Inside (That review will be coming soon!) were my first playthroughs of each of the titles), and while this normally leads to me becoming increasingly frustrated I was instead overcome with a greater desire to successfully complete the task at hand. The platforming elements of this game are so perfectly configured that it’s impossible to ‘blame the game’ and I quickly realized that it was going to take true skill to get through many of the toughest obstacles. This level of perfection helped to draw me into the LIMBO’s atmosphere even more and ultimately requires the player to be both skeptical and fully aware of all of his surroundings while also maintaining a perfect balance of gameplay timing, something especially important given the limitations of your characters abilities.

Limbo Hanging
The graphic style (and much of the content) help to create an incredibly eerie experience.


For an 8-year-old game, the best decision the development team made was choosing the dark silhouetted art style for LIMBO. By using this particular style, they’ve all but ensured that the graphical legacy of this game will never be able to waver because this style maintains a simplicity that looks incredibly beautiful on just about every platform the game will be played on. A similar lasting simplicity can be found in the soundscape for the game. Very few sounds are even present but the nearly perfect balance of absolute silence and natural environmental sounds helps to create the consistently dark and eerie atmosphere that is essential to the success of this game.

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Will you make it through to save your sister?


As I said earlier, the true beauty of LIMBO lies in its simplicity. The simple controls offer an easy access point, but the near perfect balance of gameplay means that the player has to have some true skill in solving the challenges presented throughout the game. The beautifully dark graphic style helps to create an environment full of suspense and mystery that is enjoyable no matter how you choose to play on the Nintendo Switch. While the game as a whole does feel a little short, the $12.59 price tag is still justified given the gorgeous look and engaging gameplay. I enjoyed this gaming experience immensely and know many of you will too.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – Playdead
Developer – Playdead
Price – $12.59
Genre – Adventure, Puzzle
Size – 117MB


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