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King Oddball: the Physics-Based Puzzle Game That Makes It Fun to Destroy the World!

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From developer 10tons (the same team behind some of the Nintendo Switch’s classic twin-stick shooters like JYDGE, Time Recoil, and Neon Chrome) comes King Oddball, the destructive puzzle game where you control a boulder-hurling king with the ultimate goal of ending the world and blowing up everything in your path!

Blow up tanks! Crash Helicopters! Squash puny humans! Collapse structures! Hurl boulders until nothing remains! Conquer the world in more than 120 fun and increasingly challenging levels!

King Oddball Intro
Control King Oddball as you hurl boulders to destroy everything in your path!

Taking a heavy influence from Angry Birds, King Oddball provides a very similar physics-based puzzle solving experience to the classic mobile game. It’s single button gameplay is easy to learn but difficult to master, and the brilliantly paced difficulty spike is enough to keep players coming back to finish the job of conquering the world!

While the gameplay mechanics use a single button formula, there is something to be said about the innate difficulty in understanding and timing throws in a physics heavy game. Since the primary throwing medium is a boulder, you lose the ability to ‘bounce’ projectiles more often than not and as the difficulty level increases your accuracy and patience must also increase. You will miss targets a lot and you will make timing mistakes a lot, but there are no real punishments for making these mistakes. All you’ll be required to do is start the level over and make another attempt at destroying everything on screen.

King Oddball Explosion
Use the physics of the game (or explosives!) to take out tanks, soldiers, and more enemies!

The game is broken down into 9 different 4 by 4 (16 levels per zone) zones. Each zone has a specific difficulty level, which increases as you continue through each one. King Oddball shows how much content it actually has by incorporating different bonus modes in each of the zones as you unlock them. Immediately in zone two you unlock an achievements menu and a ‘diamond’ mode that challenges you to complete previous levels without using all three of the boulders. Additional modes include a grenade mode for a more explosive way to play, a statistics menu, and even more to unlock (I don’t want to spoil everything!)! For being such an affordable title, King Oddball offers a variety of ways to play and none of the different modes feels redundant of stale.

King Oddball Level Layout
Make it through over 120 levels, with many secrets to discover along the way!

Visually the game uses a self-described ‘eccentric’ art style, full of colorful animations and a filter over everything that makes it feel like the game is harkening from a previous time period. Additionally, the music complements the game in an equally as atmospheric way. The all-original soundtrack uses a mix of upbeat themes to allow the player to truly enjoy destroying everything on screen. One of my favorite sounds is when you complete a level, it truly puts off the vibe of ‘evil villain from a classic cartoon’ and I love it!

King Oddball Takeover
Do you have what it takes to take over the world?

This game works perfectly for the Nintendo Switch because of the dual console/mobile status of the Switch. It also does a great job, since it takes so many cues from classic mobile physic-based puzzle games, of catering and attracting both casual and serious players. I thoroughly enjoy booting up this game every time and enjoy finding and discovery all of the bonus secrets contained within it. This game serves as the perfect time killing game, complete with a wacky premise, great artwork and sound, and a well-executed physics engine. Given the amount of content there is to make it through in King Oddball, you’ll be killing a lot of time with this NintenDeal and I would highly recommend this title to any Nintendo Switch owner.

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