How Does Doom Eternal Play on Switch? Our Honest Review

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Doom Eternal, the FPS sequel to 2016’s Doom, was initially released in March of this year for other major platforms and has now been ported to Nintendo Switch. The porting project was challenging for port studio Panic Button, especially since the team was forced to work from home during the pandemic. But with the help of developer id Software and publisher Bethesda, the project has finally come to fruition. So how does Doom Eternal run on Nintendo Switch? Let’s dive in!

Read on for our thoughts on Doom Eternal's Switch performance!
Read on for our thoughts on Doom Eternal’s Switch performance!

In our playtesting, we experienced zero substantial slowdowns in both handheld and docked modes. We’re not picky about graphics, but we thought Doom Eternal looked fantastic on our Switch. It’s clear that Panic Button did an amazing job with this port, and this is exactly what we have come to expect from this developer after reviewing their Switch ports over the years.

We experienced zero substantial slowdown.
We experienced zero substantial slowdown.

So Doom Eternal runs great on Switch, but does it run as good as it would on PC, Playstation, or Xbox? As usual, the answer is a resounding “no.” The Nintendo Switch simply cannot perform on the same level as other major consoles. For this reason, if you’re picky about graphical performance, you should probably play Doom Eternal on another platform—and in reality, you probably already have been playing this game elsewhere.

If you're picky about the graphics, you may want to play on another console.
If you’re picky about the graphics, you may want to play on another console.

Clearly, the main draw offered by Nintendo Switch is the portability factor: you can play Doom Eternal in handheld mode on-the-go, and you simply can’t do that on the other major consoles. This is a major benefit for a lot of people, and it’s what really makes the Switch stand out from its competitors. So if portability is important to you, you may want to consider Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch.

We love handheld Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch!
We love handheld Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch!

To recap, we’ll repeat what we always end up finding with these Switch ports from Panic Button: they look and run great on Switch, but they can’t outperform PC, Playstation, and Xbox. If graphics are your priority, get Doom Eternal for a different console (at time of publication it is currently free on Xbox Game Pass for PC). If you want to play in handheld, rest easy knowing that the Switch can definitely handle this demanding title—just don’t expect graphical perfection.

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Developer – id Software
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  1. Actually I can play Doom eternal at 4k on the go with my Alienware laptop, and the battery lasts longer than my switch lite. Lol.

  2. Also, am I right in saying that for Nintendo Switch it also has motion control feature for Doom Eternal, and other consoles dont have this option?

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