GRUV GEAR Club Bag Backpack Review

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The Club Bag by GRUV GEAR is $175 worth of well designed, ruggedly built, compartmentalized, carry-on goodness! I spotted the Club Bag in a review by GameBoy Zero on YouTube and immediately realized the bag’s potential as a Nintendo Switch carrying case.

I recently purchased an extra dock for those times when I want (need) to bring the Switch with me on a business trip, to a family gathering, or to a friend’s house for extra fun, and was searching for the perfect bag to carry everything. This GRUV GEAR Club Bag is exactly that.

Everything I put in the GRUV GEAR Club Bag

My favorite part of the GRUV GEAR Club Bag is the Bento box setup. These bags are perfect for smaller accessories like the USB-C cables for the AC adapter and Pro Controller, or even the Nintendo Switch console itself. They’re sized in a way that allows you to mix and match sizes for exactly what you need, and they fix perfectly in the bottom compartments.

Storage compartments on the bottom

Maybe just as convenient is the “glove box” fold-down compartment that fits smaller gadgets. I was actually able to squeeze every piece of the Nintendo Switch bundle that I needed, leaving the bottom compartments for snacks or other goodies that I wanted to bring with me.

Empty “glove box” compartment
Full “glove box” compartment

The Nintendo Switch console itself does fit in one of the Bento box bags, but as they don’t offer any real protection I recommend you keep your console in a case specifically designed for the console.

GRUV GEAR Bento box bag
Nintendo Switch console w/ Joy-Con in a GRUV GEAR Bento box

My only real complaint is that, weighing in at 4.2 pounds, the Club Bag is quite heavy. If the air mesh backpack straps weren’t as comfortable, and if the back didn’t have cushioning, I could see the weight being a bigger issue . With that in mind I never planned on using the Club Bag as my daily driver — I typically carry my Switch in a WaterField Designs CitySlicker case either on it’s own, or in a normal backpack — instead I’d recommend using this bag when you’re travelling from A -> B locally, or taking advantage of the flight safety features and taking it in the air.

The GRUV GEAR Club Bag is a little on the heavy side, and a LOT on the useful side. An all around great bag — I fully recommend it if you’re looking to take your Nintendo Switch + dock and extras on-the-go!

Grab the GRUV GEAR Club bag from Amazon, or directly from GRUV GEAR!

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