Good Pizza, Great Pizza Review

Good Pizza, Great Pizza Review – Flipping Pies For Some Serious Dough

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Cooking sims have been a staple of handheld experiences through several hardware iterations, from the Nintendo DS to mobile platforms. One such cooking simulator has made its way over to the Nintendo Switch following its mobile and PC release in 2018 known as Good Pizza, Great Pizza. This title has you taking on your own pizza restaurant, where you will need to make customized pies for a variety of customers. Competing with the sinister pizza chef across the street, you must upgrade your shop cosmetically, as well as with better ingredients and cooking tools in order to best the competition and make some serious cash. 

Beyond the occasional stop over from across the street, the fact you’re not the only pizza shop in town is pretty much where the story in Good Pizza, Great Pizza starts and ends. Some choice is offered with your customers that adds a layer into who the protagonist is as a person, as homeless members of the community and younger children enter your shop looking to eat, while not necessarily having enough money to fulfill the order. You can turn these customers away, but you can also make them a lavish pizza if you so choose. Besides those unique interactions, you’re focused on pumping out as much dough as physically possible. 

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Once you’ve taken the order you can begin the process of building their preferred dish, but there is some added difficulty when it comes to simply decipher what it is the customer would like. From the use of slang to sphinx-like riddles and Yoda-speak, these customers really aren’t here to help you out. If you can gather what they’d like then you can proceed, but asking for additional clarification is an option, at the cost of some time and customer happiness. While the repetitive nature of a cooking sim of this sort needs these sorts of touches to spice things up, it seems the negatives to getting the pizza order right to sending out an incorrect pizza are close to the same, meaning you’re going to mess up at times regardless. 

The building process is fairly simple, consisting of button presses and a cursor to spread items like sauce and cheese to your liking. Accuracy to the toppings in terms of placements and the amounts used are points to keep in mind, but you won’t find yourself dealing with a ton of mishaps. The simplicity adds to the addictive nature, while also getting dull following short play sessions. 

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Days move more quickly then you would think, but making profits isn’t a difficult task. Following each day you can enter the shop screen to grab some new wall colors or posters for the shop, upgrade your ingredient list, or grab a faster-cooking stove. Upgrading ingredients, which would seem to be a good thing, generally just make orders more difficult while offering little in terms of increased cash, so prioritizing the actually tangible increases to productivity are your best bets early on. Even so, the list of upgrades is quite small, with a majority of what can be purchased being cosmetics. 

All in all, Good Pizza, Great Pizza is one of those simple experiences that you’d want for your daily commute or to waste some time before an appointment. Nothing here is going to wow you into spending hours and hours with it, and the content level is low anyways, keeping you from spending that much time, but for anyone with an affinity for cookings sims or with a mobile background, this may be something you’d want to pick up for your Nintendo Switch.

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