Controller Chaos Galaxy Joy-Con

Get Lost in Custom-Painted Limited Edition Galaxy-Themed Joy-Con by Controller Chaos

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Controller Chaos has been modifying controllers for ten years, and strive to provide customers with high-quality custom controllers for consoles and PCs.

Today we’re looking at the Limited Edition Galaxy Themed Joy-Con controllers, a unique, out-of-this-world design that feels smooth and clean to the touch. Unlike some other custom painted Joy-Con, these come paired with the plain black bumpers (which can be upgraded for an additional $9.98), but I found that 99% of the time these were were locked into my Switch itself.

Controller Chaos Nintendo Switch
The Controller Chaos site feels…old.

Designing a controller is easy but the website feels dated. Luckily these LE Joy-Con don’t really require (or allow) much customization, but building your controller from scratch will be a little annoying. The selections all work fine, but you’ll feel like you’re working with an outdated website.

The quality and craftsmanship couldn’t be better. I found myself getting more compliments on my “cool controllers” than the Switch itself or the game I was playing. The paint’s finish is smooth, but not slick, which is something you won’t get from 3rd party shells sold on Amazon. Beyond the awesome paint job nothing feels different from the original Joy-Con that come straight from Nintendo, and I haven’t experienced any of the connection issues that plagued the first shipments of Joy-Con.

As with anything quality and custom-made, these things aren’t cheap. A set of Limited Edition Galaxy Themed Joy-Con from Controller Chaos will set you back $159.98, with options to add custom a “CHAOS TAG” for an additional $29.98, extended warranty for another $9.98, and shipping insurance for $9.98. Pass on the extras and snag yourself a clean set of custom Joy-Con. You won’t regret it!


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