Furi Nintendo Switch Review

Furi Reminds Us Why We Love Gaming

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I’m just going to come right out and say it: Furi is a fantastic game.

There wasn’t a single moment in Furi where I was bored, annoyed, frustrated, uninterested, or complacent in my skills as a Furi fighter. This game is the very definition of polish, from graphics to gameplay, with a solid enough story in between.

Furi Nintendo Switch Review
Furi’s graphics are an excellent match for Nintendo Switch

Let’s talk about the story first, because I think that could be overlooked in a game as graphically impressive as this that lives and dies by its gameplay. Now I’m not usually one for story in a game like this. Typically, I’ll just skip right over it and not pay attention in order to get to the next fight and get back to that engaging combat. However in this game I found myself immediately drawn into the world.

If I tried to explain the story here you’d think I was insane. Basically, there’s like a creepy humanoid rabbit and some really bizarre magical prison architecture and maybe you live in like a digital landscape or something but in any case, this rabbit seems eerily connected to you and I’m not sure if anyone else can see him. See what I mean?

So all of this serves as a method of getting you from boss battle to boss battle. This is very much a game in the same vein as Shadow of the Colossus or Cuphead where you are doing nothing much more than fighting complicated but fair bosses throughout the game. The game is tough, no doubt, but never in a frustrating way. Each time I died, or lost a full health bar (more on that later), I felt I had learned something and that I’d do better the next time. This was mostly true, and a rewarding and addictive feeling.

Furi Nintendo Switch Review
The combat is challenging and engaging, but nothing close to Dark Souls difficulty.

The combat is phenomenal. Part twin stick shooter, part action beat ‘em up where the parry timing is everything, part pattern memorization, this game fuses everything fun about action games into one convenient package. I’ve never felt better about myself then when I mastered a bosses patterns and figured out how to zip around the thing to beat it up untouched.

The mechanics and controls are solid throughout the game. It flows smoothly and you aren’t unlocking skills or new moves along the way. What you learn in the beginning, when you are thrown immediately into a boss battle, is what you use in the end. And I never wanted anything more.

The health system really adds to the greatness of this game. Essentially you and the boss are each given 4 health bars, represented by boxes underneath your respective health bars. Deplete a health bar of either party entirely and the opposing party regains their health bar entirely while the party who lost theirs loses a box. Lose all 4 boxes and it’s game over. This makes for a very addictive loop of having the ability to heal yourself entirely by widdling down a boss’s health bar. Of course keep in mind that when you pop one of their health bars entirely, they will almost always enter their next form with a new set of moves typically more powerful than the last. So the health replenishment is crucial in those moments.

Furi Nintendo Switch Review
Furi is beautiful.

Last but not least, this game is an absolutely gorgeous work of art both, visually and musically. It really can’t be overstated how beautiful this game is. Neon colors, beautiful particle effects, stable fluid frame rate both docked and in handheld… the game is as pretty as it gets. And then there’s the musical score. The soundtrack in this game gives me a Rez vibe. Put some nice headphones on for this one and turn it up. Even though it’s a bit on the short side, I can tell you that I’ll be happy to replay this game many times over based on graphics and music alone.

Buy this game. You won’t regret it.

Furi Nintendo Switch Review

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