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Killer Queen Black

Killer Queen Black is the arcade eSports sensation, finally arriving on home console! With three different ways to victory, as well as fast-paced four-on-four team platforming action, you’ll be fighting for your hive as you attempt to overtake your enemies. On Nintendo Switch there are also plenty of online play variations for both the die-hard competition types as well as those who enjoy more of the exhibition style flare. Custom online matches and up to eight player local play round out a game brimming with replayability, as you’ll always be defending your hive or chasing victory over your foes.

This game is an absolute blast to play, whether you’re enjoying the local co-op  with your friends or joining any number of groups online! What I think is the best part about this game (and what drew me to it originally in my local arcade) is the fact that there are so many ways you can be successful in the game while simultaneously not having any one way be better than any other. Military defeats are for teams that are best with the sometimes tricky combat system. Snail victories are favored by teams that are completely in sync as they require a stealthy take down of the other team. Economic victories are for teams favoring more of a collect-a-thon approach, forcing you to sometimes get creative with strategy, depending on the stage you draw. There really is something for every style of gamer in Killer Queen Black, and whether you’re comfortable being the Queen (me…), a worker bee, or a soldier bee, this game is must for every Nintendo Switch owner.

Killer Queen Snail

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download & Physical Cartridge (Amazon)
Publisher – Liquid Bit, LLC
Developer – Liquid Bit, LLC
Price – eShop –  $19.99 Physical* – $17.95
Genre – Application, Action, Strategy, Platformer, Arcade
Size – 552MB

*Prices for physical cartridges are reflective of the time of publishing and may change. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


River City Girls

There seems to be trouble once again on the legendary streets of River City, and the boys are most definitely in over their heads! Kunio and Riki have been taken, so it’s up to their equally as badass girlfriends, Kyoto and Misako, to serve up some hard-hitting payback in order to rescue them! With plenty of residents to show who’s really the boss, River City Girls is jam packed with loads of beat ‘em up action in an incredibly expansive city that’s waiting for you to explore all that it has to offer.

River City Girls is my first foray into the world of River City, and boy have I been missing out! What starts out as a love letter of sorts to classic arcade beat ‘em ups quickly evolves into an even more immersive gaming experience. Both of the playable characters have their own unique move-sets and play-styles and the city itself has lots of areas to explore. The exploratory areas, like the Dojo and other shopping center, provide an even greater level of customization to your own play style. This depth and added gameplay variety lends quite a bit of replay value to the game, even after you clear it once. Not only is this game fun to play, but it’s fun to appreciate the time and energy that went into the art style and design of the game taking place around you. Character animations are smooth and appropriate for the many different characters present and the background designs of the many environments showcase a real level of detail not always seen in games of this genre. This game is quite solid all around and is one that I would recommend to fans of either the River City franchise or of 2D arcade style beat ‘em ups.

River City Uppercut

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – WayForward
Developer – WayForward
Price – $29.99
Genre – Adventure, Arcade, Fighting, Multiplayer
Size – 3.9GB


Untitled Goose Game

HONK! Untitled Goose Game is a game about a goose. This goose just happens to be horrible. Whether you’re stealing people’s things, pulling pranks on unsuspecting humans, or just ruining everyone’s day in general, you’re bound to cause quite a bit of mischief in this expansive and odd sandbox game that includes a handy list of horrible accomplishments to keep you on task as well as a designated honk button to terrify humanity even further!

The thing I kept thinking to myself during the entirety of my playthrough was, “Can a goose really do that?” After the brief tutorial (which starts by making sure you know which button honks… this comes in handy on more than one occasion…) you’re off the races, beak deep in the chaos you create around you! I ended up spending more time than I thought I could terrorizing the gardener in the opening section of the game. I’d constantly be trying to sprint as fast as the duck’s legs would let me in the attempt to steal the six carrots I managed to hoard away. Why six carrots you ask? Because I’m a goose that terrorizes humans and I needed all six of those carrots! The overall slow pacing of the game is certainly not going to be for everyone, but for those looking to just sit back, relax, and control a maniacal duck that’s determined to make these humans lives as bad as they possibly can be, this game is for you.

Goose Game Gardener

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download & Physical Cartridge (Amazon, iam8bit)
Publisher – Panic
Developer – House House
Price – eShop –  $19.99 Physical* – $39.99

Genre – Action, Puzzle, Indie
Size – 802MB

*Prices for physical cartridges are reflective of the time of publishing and may change.



Set in a post-post-apocalyptic world, RAD is a third person 3D action rogue-like game that sees you take control of a teenager who must venture through a constantly changing radioactive wasteland. With little more than your trusty bat in tow, it is your job to withstand the toxic environments, best any creatures that come your way, and use the mutations you gain along your adventure to save humanity!

With a uniquely beautiful art-style, easy to learn but difficult to master controls that mutate along with your playable character, and a constant harkening back to the culture of the 1980’s, RAD is a game that oozes charm and personality. Pair those elements with the procedurally generated gameplay environment and you get an experience that feels consistently fresh and new, not matter how many times you fire it up. I even enjoyed listening to backstory and lore presented to me through either my character’s voice or the voice of one of the best narrators in the history of gaming. Seriously, the boomy voice narrator is incredible. While there were times when the frame rate would dip in and out slightly, it didn’t take anything away from my experience playing the game and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a refreshing take on the concept of what a rogue-like action game should be.

RAD Tower

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Developer – Double Fine Productions
Price – $19.99
Genre – Action
Size – 3.4GB


Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior

Upon discovering the incredible Sword of Ages, you find yourself transported to a cyberpunk future! As Cybarian it is your job to battle your way through hoards of relentless futuristic baddies as you try to return back to your barbarian homestead of old.

There’s a lot to love about this quirky little title, even though it is quite short at only four levels. The premise is something that is both a little odd and also refreshingly new. The platforming gameplay is very tightly designed and the combat system offers plenty of easy to learn but difficult to master moments that are often times relentlessly challenging. I’m a huge fan of the beautifully realized pixel art, and a game designed like this certainly feels right at home on the Nintendo Switch. Throw in an absolutely killer soundtrack to accompany the cyberpunk aesthetic and you have a very well executed gameplay experience that expects a lot from you as the player, but is definitely worth the time and money.

Cybarian Pink

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – Ratalaika Games
Developer – Ritual Games
Price – $4.99
Genre – Action, Adventure, Arcade, Platformer
Size – 58.0MB


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