eShop Explore Episode 004

eShop Explore 004

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Mana Spark

Mana Spark is a game that combines elements of dungeon-crawlers, roguelikes, and even twin-stick shooters to create a truly unique, and very challenging, gameplay experience. In a world where magical mana is sought by a humanity held captive to more powerful races, you go on a mission to collect mana-imbued runes and enhanced items to increase your strength and strike back against your oppressors. On your journey you’ll meet fellow humans and develop a small encampment of other survivors, with each person present in your village providing a unique way to aid you on your quest.

While certainly not a large game in terms of available content, when you consider the difficulty level and learning curve associated with it and also the procedurally generated format of the game, Mana Spark provides a tremendous amount of replay value. Each playthrough of the game feels fresh and new, with only the bosses themselves remaining the same in each run. The only downside for me with this game was the long load times associated with the generation process, but my desire to complete it ultimately outweighed this frustration.

Mana Spark 1

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – QubicGames
Developer – BEHEMUTT / Kishimoto Studios
Price – $9.99
Genre – Action, Adventure, Role-Playing
Size – 382MB


Sundered: Eldritch Edition

Sundered: Eldritch Edition is a metroidvania boasting beautiful hand-drawn graphics, chaos-filled gameplay elements, and a unique story-driven experience that contains multiple endings for you to discover. You journey as Eshe, a wanderer exploring the ever-changing landscape filled to the brim with challenging enemies. You must control the power of the ancient relics to defeat bosses that are larger than life, all while sacrificing your own humanity. In the Eldritch Edition you also get the Magnate of the Gong update, which adds local multiplayer for up to 4 people, new areas to explore, and another boss battle.

I’m a huge fan of this game, and it’s obvious that Thunder Lotus Games took great care in creating an experience they knew would be unique while also packing in loads of content. Functioning as both a metroidvania and a roguelite, the game’s procedural generation gives you plenty of opportunity for substantial replayability as each run of the game feels new and exciting while also keeping exploration as a core gameplay feature. The visuals truly are stunning and the story helps to drive home the importance of every decision you make. Throw in an intuitive control scheme and a massive skill tree and you’ve got all you’ll need to sink hours of time into this game.

Sundered: Edlritch Edition

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – Thunder Lotus Games
Developer –Thunder Lotus Games
Price – $19.99
Genre – Action, Adventure, Platformer, Multiplayer
Size – 2.8GB


Tennis in the Face

Tennis in the Face is a physics-based sports puzzle game (10tons has a few of these that we reviewed earlier: Baseball Riot and King Oddball) that packs over 100 levels into a quirky and chaos-filled story. You are Pete Pagassi, a former tennis star with a mission to save your city from the evil energy drink corporation Explodz! Armed with tennis balls, grenade-like Explodz cans, and the environments around you, it’s up to you to take down and destroy the mega-factory responsible for the situation at hand!

Much like 10tons’ previous physics-based puzzle games, Tennis in the Face is the perfect game to fill space in your day. The levels are short but often challenging, abundant in quantity, and offer different challenges that make them very replayable if you want to unlock everything the game has to offer. An easy-to-use control scheme and leaderboard system are also present here. You’ll definitely have tons of fun playing this game, which I think is well worth the price.

Tennis in the Face

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher –10tons
Developer – 10tons Ltd
Price – $4.99
Genre – Puzzle, Sports
Size – 51.0Mb



Spellspire is a unique mashup of genres, combining educational puzzle elements with character building similar to that of a role-playing game. You are a wizard tasked with ascending the mysterious Spellspire tower, spelling words to blast spells at the enemies standing in your way. On your journey you can collect magical items, health potions, and new spell scrolls to aid you in your quest to reach the top. At the end of each level, you also earn gold that you can spend on upgrading your characters equipment, allowing for a great deal of customization that can suit many different play styles (or spelling strengths).

In what can definitely be a challenging game at times, Spellspire creates a fast paced and engaging experience that sets it apart as a educational puzzle game. What the game lacks in innovation of formula it makes up for in accessibility and at times genuine pressure filled fun. I think the $9.99 price tag is a little high for what is ultimately a timed spelling test, but the fact that you can go back and play each level again in a ‘challenge mode’ setting does add to the replay value.


Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – 10tons
Developer – 10tons Ltd
Price – $9.99
Genre – Puzzle, Role-Playing, Education
Size – 49.0MB


Coffee Crisis

Coffee Crisis is an incredibly intense beat ’em up action game that draws on classic titles from the glory days of arcade brawlers like X-Men, TMNT, The Simpsons, and many others. The mysterious Smurglin race has landed on planet Earth, and they won’t leave until they get their hands on all of Earth’s most valuable items: WiFi, coffee, and metal music. Controlling the only two baristas (Nick or Ashley) with enough heavy metal in their veins, it’s up to you to fend off this alien attack and save the world!

There is so much to love about this game. The controls are very accessible and easy to understand, the soundtrack is absolutely killer (yay metal) and keeps you in the beat ’em up mindset throughout the entirety of your playthrough, and there are plenty of options for modifiers if the initial difficulty is too much for you. I found that the best way to enjoy this game is with another person utilizing the simultaneous local multiplayer capability of the game. This play style really put me back in the arcade and served as a welcome bit of nostalgia.

Coffee Crisis

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – QuibicGames
Developer – Mega Cat Studios
Price – $9.99
Genre – Action, Arcade, Multiplayer, Fighting
Size – 731MB


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