eShop Explore 002

eShop Explore 002

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Tired of combing the eShop for good games? Find out what’s worth playing and what you may want to avoid in eShop Explore.

Reigns: Kings & Queens

Reigns: Kings & Queens is a simple strategy game merging Reigns and Reigns: Her Majesty, allowing players to select either the King or Queen route at the start of each new run. Kings & Queens features basic gameplay that becomes addictive after diving into its intricacies. During each run, you’re dealt a series of cards, one at a time, with each card forcing you to make an either-or decision. For example, a card could advise that enemy troops have stormed your castle’s gates, and you must decide whether to fight them or ignore them. The choices you make affect your kingdom, your subjects, and the duration of your reign.

Reigns: Kings & Queens features immersive sound effects and a charmingly minimalist art style. The game also offers local couch co-op, allowing two players to make decisions together. The controls are simple and intuitive: if you play on the touch screen, you’ll swipe left or right to make your choices, and if you use Joy-Con instead, you’ll wave the Joy-Con left or right. As you progress, you’ll find new challenges to face, more decks of cards to play, and an urge to reign as long as possible. Reigns: Kings & Queens provides relaxing and stress-free experience, even for those who don’t typically play video games, and at its price point, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher –Devolver Digital
Developer –Nerial
Price – $7.99
Genre –Adventure, Role-Playing, Strategy, Simulation
Size – 291 MB


Hammerwatch is a hack-and-slash adventure with Diablo-like gameplay elements. First, you’ll choose a character from a pool of classes, with each class offering special abilities. Then, you’ll start your adventure, winding through maze-like environments as you take on hordes of enemies and search for keys, loot, and upgrades. You can play with friends through local and online co-op, and we definitely recommend playing this way, since Hammerwatch is way more fun with your friends.

There are two different campaigns on offer, plus a few extra modes and a selection of difficulty settings. Like most games in this genre, gameplay can become repetitive, but fans of the genre will enjoy progressing through the adventure, upgrading characters, and searching for secrets. If you’re in the market for a pixel-art-style hack-and-slash RPG to play with your friends, Hammerwatch is definitely a contender for you. Just keep in mind that there’s no online play yet, although the game’s Twitter account has advised that it’s on the way.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher –BlitWorks
Developer –Crackshell
Price – $9.99
Genre –Action, Adventure, Role-Playing, Other
Size – 289 MB

Shape of the World

Shape of the World is a walking simulator with puzzle elements and without enemies, health, or the urge to rush. Your objective is to simply walk (in first-person) through morphing environments in search of triangle-shaped checkpoints while interacting with various aspects of the environment in order to progress. The gorgeous environments are this game’s best quality, featuring simple-yet-striking designs soaked in vibrant colors that keep changing in unexpected ways.

Shape of the World looks great, and in theory, its gameplay should provide a calming and relaxing experience. But in reality, it’s an often-stressful experience, with unintuitive puzzles, difficult-to-traverse environments, and uncountable ways to get lost. And since the only guidance comes from checkpoints, you’re seriously screwed if you can’t see one. The resulting frustration really hurts this game, and with so many drastically better games available on the eShop at the same price point, we really can’t recommend this title.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – Plug In Digital
Developer –Seaven Studio / Hollow Tree Games
Price – $14.99
Genre –Adventure, Other, Simulation, Music
Size – 1.2 GB

Monster Loves You!

Monster Loves You! is like a “choose your own adventure” graphic novel in a video game form. The game begins with the birth of your monster, and as you progress, the choices you make affect story aspects, your monster’s traits, and your monster’s life as it ages, with a focus on relationships with other monsters and humans. This game boils down to lots of text prompts and decision-making. A run-through averages about an hour, and its replayability depends on your interest in the genre.

The game’s cute art style can be appreciated by players of all ages, and it’s fitting for the game’s price point. There are tons of choices to be made and about a dozen endings to be experienced, but we’re not sure if Monster Loves You! is a Nintendeal across the board. You’ll likely love the game if you enjoy choose-your-own-adventure-type games with lots of text-based gameplay. In fact, Monster Loves You! could be perfect for a younger player who’s developing their reading skills. But if you’re not a fan of this genre, you should probably pass on this one.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher –Radial Games
Developer –Radial Games
Price – $9.99
Genre –Simulation, Adventure, Puzzle
Size – 185 MB

The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition

The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition is a roguelite shooter akin to Enter the Gungeon. You’ll progress through a variety of small rooms that connect to make up a larger area. Starting with one gun and a melee weapon, you’ll take down hoards of alien vegetable enemies to find money, new weapons, and keys. Your goal? Exterminate each hoard in each area, and suit up to take on bosses. There are tons of weapons to find and challenges to accomplish, making subsequent runs more interesting and fun.

However, a few gameplay elements prevent this game from being the best it can be. For example, there are tons of houses and chests to unlock, but finding keys is always a pain. Finding keys can mean breaking literally every breakable object in each area, and that’s just with the hope that you’ll find keys. This can get old pretty fast. But if you look past the key issue, The Walking Vegetables can be an enjoyable experience, especially for fans of the genre. It’s worth checking out, but there are far-better roguelites out there that you should definitely check out first.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – Merge Games
Developer – StillRunning
Price – $12.99
Genre –Arcade, Action
Size – 258 MB

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