eShop Explore Episode 001

eShop Explore 001

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Tired of combing the eShop for good games? Find out what’s worth playing and what you may want to avoid in eShop Explore.

Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain is a popular rogue-lite platformer originally released in 2013 and a lot of fans are excited for the game to finally make its way to Switch. Risk of Rain features a vague sci-fi story, but the focus is most definitely the gameplay. Risk of Rain has you explore randomly generated environments, facing up against hordes of enemies and collecting power-ups and various buffs on your way to a boss portal which spawns a level boss that once defeated leads to the next level. When to activate a boss portal is up to you, but as the timer grows, so does the difficulty–so it’s up to you to find a good balance between exploring, upgrading and moving on to the inevitable final boss.

Risk of Rain features a ton of unlockable character classes and new items, and the synergies between unique power-ups can be interesting just like any rogue-lite, but even after trying out different character classes I felt like the gameplay consisted of running back and forth through crowds of enemies while spamming my attacks. Compared to other rogue-lites available on the Switch, Risk of Rain falls a bit behind. It does have a sequel in development (in full 3-D!) and I’m excited to see where the series goes, but as for this title, I think it is better to invest your time in a more current rogue-lite like Dead Cells or Enter the Gungeon.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher –Hopoo Games
Developer –Hopoo Games, LLC
Price – $9.99
Genre –Action, Platformer, Multiplayer
Size – 161 MB

Coffin Dodgers

Coffin Dodgers is a kart racing game featuring a cast of eclectic old folks. It has a cute, clever story in which the residents of an old folk’s community make a deal with the grim reaper and decide whoever can win a series of races against the reaper is to stay alive and well. Coffin Dodgers is very basic when it comes to controls: no type of advanced techniques like drifting, no weight classes in racers. The closest thing is the ability to whack opposing racers off of their scooters with canes…which isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Coffin Dodgers is an really short experience, with around ten different courses. The courses lack personality and aren’t very different from one another in any sense, featuring repetitive scenery in most every course. The power-ups are pretty generic and don’t work very well in the grand scheme of things. You can upgrade your kart, but by the time you have the resources collected to do so, you’ll be done with the game. We recommend sticking to Mario Kart, since you won’t find much in Coffin Dodgers that Mario Kart hasn’t already perfected.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher –Wales Interactive Ltd.
Developer –Milky Tea
Price – $12.99
Genre –Racing, Action
Size – 1.4 GB


Garage: Bad Trip

Garage: Bad Trip is a top-down 80’s VHS inspired horror adventure, driven by a cool story. You play as Butch, who awakens in the trunk of a car in a parking garage full of the living dead. This hallucinogenic twin-stick shooter is actually a really fun experience despite a few minor flaws. Garage’s story is pretty shallow, but still intriguing enough to want to see how everything ends.

Gameplay in Garage: Bad Trip is linear, and progresses in chapters. You control Butch, and over time go from unarmed and confused to fully strapped with various weapons on a mission to kill. Gameplay is a bit repetitive sometimes, but Garage does well in finding ways to mix things up. The graphics and sound departments are also well done. In all honesty, Garage isn’t a bad title if you are into survival horror type of games, it looks good and plays well–but it’s also not the most interesting game in the eShop.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher –tinyBuild
Developer –tinyBuild / Zombie Dynamics
Price – $10.49
Genre –Action, Role-Playing, Adventure
Size – 1.o GB


Guts & Glory

Guts & Glory is an over-the-top physics based game. Think Happy Wheels in 3-D. The goal in Guts & Glory is to choose from an assortment of weirdos and use vehicles ranging from bicycles to jet-packs to make it from point A to B in a wide variety of levels, all while an assortment of deadly traps and weapons make it their job to prevent you from reaching the goal..and you’re in for a gorefest if you succumb to the hazards.

Guts & Glory is a great game for a laugh and is packed with tons of content, but it definitely suffers in a few departments. The loading screens take up to ten seconds, and if you end up stuck in a tough course, you are going to be sitting on loading screens longer than actually playing the game. This can get irritating pretty quickly. To add to that, Guts & Glory suffers from very heavy frame drop issues when too much is going on, and hilarious failures are usually lost to the frame rate issues. Guts & Glory is only for folks who are really into the physics genre, but even so-it may be better off skipped due to the load time issues.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher –tinyBuild Games
Developer –tinyBuild Games
Price – $10.49
Genre –Puzzle, Arcade, Action, Simulation
Size – 5.5 GB


Shadow Bug

Shadow Bug is a puzzle-platformer, but adds a unique twist to the genre with its use of only touch screen controls or gyro aiming. You progress through a 40+* levels, controlling a ninja bug right, left, and rushing to attack an enemy by tapping on the enemy. The direction in which you rush towards an enemy is important, you’ll have to pay attention to your position and the direction you are rushing toward an enemy in order to avoid all types of hazards and enemies scattered throughout the game’s levels.

Zipping from one enemy to the next while avoiding hazards is implemented really well and make for ingenious puzzle-platforming. The level design is incredibly well done, along with the artwork in general–the developers really put a lot of heart into this game. The moody colors provide a really great atmospheric experience. For it’s price, Shadow Bug provides so much content and really deserves a shot for any fan of platforming. The touch screen controls can take some getting used to, but Shadow Bug will provide hours of addictive gameplay, and it is perfect for relaxing gameplay inbetween larger titles.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – Muro Studios
Developer – Muro Studios
Price – $8.99
Genre –Platformer, Action, Adventure, Puzzle
Size – 872 MB


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