Celeste Farewell DLC: The Perfect Send-off to an Incredible Game

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After receiving tons of critical acclaim and even a “Game of the Year” nomination in 2018, Celeste proved itself as one of the most quality indie titles in recent years. At the beginning of 2019, whispers and tweets hinted towards new content heading to Celeste. Many assumed the additional content would come sooner than later, but the developers decided to take a step back, reflect, and take their time in crafting the highly anticipated DLC.

The time is now upon us: Celeste’s “Farewell” DLC is finally here. The base game is composed of eight chapters, and the new DLC adds Chapter 9: Farewell, continuing the story and introducing a level of difficulty never before seen in Celeste. The base game is challenging enough, but its eight chapters can be finished within an hour or two if you’ve mastered the mechanics and memorized the optimal routes. I’m one of those players who can get through those eight chapters in an hour, but Chapter 9 took me five and a half hours to complete.

Chapter 9: Farewell almost feels like a sequel to the game. It’s packed with 100+ new levels, it introduces two new mechanics, and it will most certainly test your skills to the absolute max.  You’ll need to master every single movement mechanic in the game if you want to stand a chance—unless you’re willing to complete Chapter 9 with the help of assist mode.

I’m trying my best to keep this review spoiler-free, and without revealing too much, I can say Chapter 9: Farewell unfolds perfectly in every way. The DLC does an especially great job with wrapping up Celeste’s strong narrative. (If you’re a Celeste fanatic, get ready for the feels.) Its levels become increasingly challenging, to the point where your patience will likely be tested. The level design is still incredibly fair, and if you are persistent, you will get through and become a better player as result.

This chapter’s graphics and sound design are absolutely stunning, and after what I saw and heard in the base game, I expected nothing less. Celeste’s OST and “B-sides” have been in rotation on my turntable since they were released on vinyl, and I’m ecstatic to announce that the Chapter 9 DLC delivers close to an hour’s worth of new music. The brilliant new tunes by the talented Lena Raine are a perfect fit for the mood, color schemes, and story of the new Chapter.

Waiting for months for this DLC was tough, but it was worth every second. Chapter 9 was no doubt crafted with tons of love, and any fan craving more Celeste will love the additional challenge. While I’m sad to say goodbye to the story of Celeste, the Farewell DLC is the perfect send-off to an incredible game.

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