BUTCHER: Industrial Bloodbath on Switch

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Fans of doom rejoice: Transhuman Design and Crunching Koalas have selected Switch as the latest venue for BUTCHER, a violent and fast-paced action platformer with a retro feel. BUTCHER is set in a brutal sci-fi universe, where you play as a cyborg designed to destroy everything in your path. This is all BUTCHER has to offer in terms of story, which almost feels like a missed opportunity since the developers put so much work into this game’s world. You’re denied any sort of backstory—aside from a brief opening cutscene—and are left unsure why you’re slaughtering everything in the first place. Then again, many retro games are like this, and plenty of gamers don’t care why they’re killing stuff in games—so if you’re one of those gamers, BUTCHER just might be perfect for you.

This screenshot pretty much sums up the game's story. What does it mean? Who knows!
BUTCHER’s story is lacking, but this adds to the retro feel.

BUTCHER features seven different locations with a total of twenty-two levels. You’ll encounter a wide variety of enemies and a handful of weapons, and we think you’ll find a favorite weapon in no time. The gameplay is fast, vicious, and rewarding, and it can be played on four levels of difficulty: casual, hard, harder, and the unlockable impossible mode. Playing in tougher modes will be frustrating, but you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment after you survive a close call.

Butcher, an industrial bloodbath for Switch.
BUTCHER is a violent industrial bloodbath for Switch. The tougher modes can be frustrating, but you’ll be happy when you narrowly escape death and win!

The game’s incredible soundtrack of dark synth tunes suit BUTCHER’s gloomy atmosphere—and really, this game is gloomy (unless you think an industrial bloodbath is cause for joy). The death animations are brutal, and you’ll hear the visceral screams of everyone you kill. But don’t think BUTCHER is too campy or over-the-top; it actually manages to pull off its doom-and-gloom atmosphere in a fairly low-key way.

"EXTERMINATION" is the name of the game!
“EXTERMINATION” is the name of the game!

Overall, we definitely recommend BUTCHER to anyone who likes a good bloodbath, especially one that occurs in an industrial sci-fi setting. (Think Silent Hill, only a 2D retro version.) With four levels of difficulty, you’re in for hours and hours of gruesome fun for just $9.99. But if you don’t like blood, BUTCHER is definitely not the game for you, and we’d encourage you to think twice before purchasing this for a child. (Remember: this is an M-rated game!)

This game is for mature audiences only!
Try BUTCHER today—if you can handle the gore, that is!

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