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Baseball Riot Brings a Quirky Story and Well Designed Physics-Based Puzzles to the Nintendo Switch

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From developer and publisher 10tons (the team behind several other Switch titles including Time Recoil and King Oddball) comes Baseball Riot, the quirky physics-based puzzle game that sees you take control of a former baseball great on his quest to rescue his previous team from the clutches of commercial profit!


Gabe Carpaccio, the former baseball great, has suffered a career ending injury! As a result he can no longer play the game he loves and instead has decided to sell baseball equipment so future generations can enjoy the game. That is, until he learns the fate of his former team! After being purchased by an evil energy drink manufacturer, his old team, now known as the Electrolytes, are being used as advertising pawns in order to sell more beverages! It is up to you to take back your former team from this insane evil and set things right!

Baseball Riot Newspaper 1
An evil energy drink corporation has purchased your old team and is brainwashing fans and players alike!


The aim of the game in Baseball Riot is to clear levels of the corrupted fans and rival players by hitting baseballs into them to knock them out. This sounds simple enough, but given the complexity of some of the levels and the descending physics of a live baseball, you will have to rely on some carefully planned angles in order to succeed in clearing each level. Additionally there are other unique challenges offered up throughout the one hundred levels this game has to offer. One of these challenges has you collect three stars as you complete each level, but rather than this being a proficiency award you have to physically hit each star in order to earn it. The environments of the levels often pose a decent challenge too, as they typically include ball-stopping obstacles and variations on enemies that take some figuring out in order to defeat.

Baseball Riot Level 1
Take aim and do your best to take out your targets and collect all of the stars.

The level select screen is very similar to King Oddball in that it’s large overworld grid with segmented sections that serve like mini worlds within the greater landscape of the overworld. Each mini world is composed of sixteen sections, and even though not every section is a level, there is still a lot of content present in this game. Sections that aren’t levels offer insight into statistics from your current area and also offer up some unique challenges for you to complete. Upon completing a set number of levels in the area you unlock the next chunk of the map and continue on your journey to reclaim your team.

Baseball Riot World Map
The expansive world map shows you each of the 100 different levels you’ll have to solve as you reclaim your old team!


10tons has always impressed me with the way in which they design games to suit the mood they are trying to go for. Baseball Riot has us immersed in an incredibly colorful, cartoonish style that perfectly fits the goofy nature of the story behind the game. The same can be said for the sound design. The goofiness and almost caricatured nature of the sound effects, from the player hitting the ball to the loud cracks that occur when enemies crash into ice blocks, does so much for creating the mood and atmosphere of the game and these two elements really were a home run (pun most definitely intended!).


Baseball Riot is the type of game that offers a well designed puzzle game but also tells a quirky and unique story. The gameplay is incredibly polished, being both accessible while also requiring a good amount of planning and strategy in order to solve some of the later puzzles. With 100 levels to complete the $4.99 price tag makes this more than worth your money, and whether you binge this title in one sitting or come back to it every few days you’ll find the value certainly makes this game a Nintendeal and this will be a welcome addition to your Nintendo Switch library.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Publisher – 10tons
Developer – 10tons Ltd
Price – $4.99
Genre – Puzzle, Sports
Size – 57MB

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