A Hat In Time is Cute as Heck on Nintendo Switch

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A Hat in Time is a 3D platformer that was funded by an insanely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013. During the brief fundraising period, fans pledged so much that the game eventually came to include co-op mode, full voice acting, and DLC. Since its 2017 release, A Hat in Time has accumulated tons of praise and acclaim, and now, two years later, the Nintendo Switch port is highly anticipated as the game’s first release on a Nintendo console.

A Hat in Time was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.
A Hat in Time was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

A Hat in Time is a cute-as-heck 3D platforming adventure reminiscent of 3D platformers from the GameCube era. Play as Hat Kid, a mischievous young girl sporting an oversized top hat. Hat Kid’s mission is to gather the Time Pieces that fuel her time-travelling spaceship so that she can make her way home. Explore a variety of chapters divided into acts, with each act telling one part of the game’s story. Hidden within the chapters are Time Rifts, which are platforming challenges that reward you with Time Pieces upon completion.

Travel to various planets as the story unfolds!
Gameplay is divided into chapters and acts.

From the moment you take control of Hat Kid, you can tell that tons of work went into making sure the controls are well-done and extremely tight. This is crucial, since controls are a key ingredient in a great 3D platformer. A Hat in Time nails the controls, with Hat Kid being able to perform double jumps, dives, and quick wall climbs. Her movements are reminiscent of the way Mario and Cappy move and work together in Super Mario Odyssey.

Hat Kid's movements are reminiscent of Super Mario Odyssey.
Hat Kid’s movements are reminiscent of Super Mario Odyssey.

The first few Acts on the starting planet introduce you to basic gameplay and early collectibles, like yarn balls that are used to knit new hats providing new abilities. Soon, you’ll be fighting the mafia, making mischief on a movie set, and ziplining among islands, all within the first few chapters of the game. The amount of content packed into A Hat in Time can feel overwhelming, but we think you’ll find yourself hooked, especially after you’ve collected a few new hats and “Time Pieces.”

We think you'll become hooked on A Hat in Time.
We think you’ll become hooked on A Hat in Time.

As soon as the title screen launches, it’s clear that A Hat in Time is well-polished. Its graphics and art style are a huge reason this game has garnered so much attention, and we’re happy to report that it runs quite well on Switch. There are a few minor graphical hiccups here and there, but nothing too troubling. Some chapters suffer from the occasional frame drop and some models look a bit off sometimes, but these stutters are few and far between. Load times are longer than you would encounter on Steam, but they aren’t anything out of the ordinary for a game of this caliber on the Switch.

The graphics are truly a sight to behold.
The graphics are truly a sight to behold.

You can also purchase Seal the Deal, a DLC package offering a new chapter and a hard mode. The all-new chapter is called The Arctic Cruise, and it contains 3 new acts set on a cruise ship and six new Time Rifts. The hard mode is called Death Wish, and this insanely challenging mode features loads of unlockable outfits, flairs, dues, and camera filters. Seal the Deal is included automatically when you buy the physical game, but it can also be purchased separately for $4.99. Alternatively, you can purchase the Deluxe Edition on the eShop for $34.99 to get the digital game and the DLC at once.

Seal the Deal DLC adds even more replayability.
Seal the Deal DLC adds even more replayability.

A Hat in Time is one of the best indies we’ve played on Switch this year, and it’s hands-down the best 3D platformer since Super Mario Odyssey. From its tight controls to its imaginative world, A Hat in Time is just plain fun. Thanks to tons of content and collectibles, you’ll find an insane amount of replayability, and you can even play with a friend in local co-op mode. If you enjoy 3D platformers, don’t pass on A Hat in Time. Special indies like this one only come along once in a while, and you truly don’t want to miss out.

Platform – Nintendo Switch eShop Download
Developer – Gears For Breakfest
Publisher – Humble Bundle
Price –$29.99 / Seal the Deal DLC- $4.99 / Deluxe – $32.99 / Physical – $39.99
Genre –Action, Adventure, Platformer
Size – 16.8 GB

Don't miss out on this special indie title!
Don’t miss out on this special indie title!

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