Nintendo Switch Update

Upcoming Switch Update to Include Korean and Chinese UI Support

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It looks like the Switch may be getting its first big system update since the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online service back in September. While an exact date hasn’t been confirmed yet and the update has been yet to be officially announced by Nintendo of America, Nintendo’s Hong Kong and Korean websites have confirmed that the coming update will add UI Support for Korean and Chinese (traditional and simplified) languages. While these languages are already listed under the Switch’s language choices in the system options, they only work in the games that support those languages and the Switch’s UI itself is still in English. After the update, that will finally change.

In addition to added language support, Switch users in Hong Kong and Korea will also gain access to Nintendo Switch Online services and regional settings as well.

Other than that, we don’t know what else will be coming with the update. There are plenty of things Nintendo could add that would make the Switch much more user-friendly including some way to communicate with your friends or main menu themes or organizational tools like folders and such, or support for more apps like Netflix, but these are things we’ve wanted for quite a while now and we’ve yet to see them materialize. Maybe 2019 will be the year Nintendo starts really adding some things we want.

Are you or someone you know looking forward to the additional language support? What else do you want to see in the update? Let us know!

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