tinyBuild Announces Six More Nintendo Switch Games for 2018

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If you’re craving some more indie games on your Nintendo Switch, developer tinyBuild has you covered: the Mr. Shifty developer announced six more Switch games to come in 2018. The announcements came via CEO Alex Nichiporchik through a livestream on Youtube, similar to the familiar Nintendo Direct format.

They are titled and have a current release order as follows:

  • The Final Station, a 2D exploration game where you play as a train conductor in charge of figuring out who you bring to the “Final Station” of the line, is pegged for a February release.
  • Cluster Truck, a chaotic first-person action title where you jump on trucks to stay alive, is coming in March.
  • Punch Club, already available on Wii U and 3DS, brings a murder mystery to the mixed-martial-arts scene, and should be available in May.
  • Party Hard, a stealth-strategy game where the player is a detective trying to solve murders that have happened at parties, is coming sometime in the Summer (which is fitting.)
  • Streets of Rogue, a city exploration title where “a rogue-like-meets-immersive sim” is how Nick put it, one that features procedurally generated cities that the player can hack-and-slash their way through, has a tentative release of later this year.
  • Last on the agenda was the reveal of stealth-horror game Hello Neighbor, which is based on the idea of breaking into your neighbors’ house, will be out later this year and features future content free-of-charge.

If you’re interested in the #HelloSwitch event video, check it out below. It’s great to see more indie developers continue to support the Switch, and hopefully the momentum continues throughout the industry in all of 2018.

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