Time to Plow the Fields: Next Nintendo Labo Kit Could Be a Tractor

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When Nintendo launches their Labo Kits in April, keen children, and adults, will be able to build their own RC cars, robots, and apparently now, their very own tractors. According to Famitsu, a Japanese video game magazine, their next issue, out February 15, features pages that detail the next cardboard project, seemingly depicting a good ‘ole tractor.

Text is blurry, but a visible tractor can be made out.

The tractor itself looks to be bigger than other Labo kits announced, and it would make sense if that is the case since tractors are big machines. The tractor could also be a potential tie-in to the already released Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition. Of course, it is possible this isn’t an actual kit; that the magazine could just be demonstrating the strength of the cardboard, or even comparing it to something as versatile as a tractor.

The two Nintendo Labo kits that launch on April 20 are the Variety Kit and Robot Kit. The Variety Kit will retail for $69.99, while the Robot Kit will go for $79.99. For more details regarding Nintendo Labo, check out this piece.

What do you think about the idea of a tractor being introduced to the Nintendo Labo line? We’d love to hear your ideas about the future of Nintendo Labo, so sound off below with any ideas of what you’d like to see turned into a cardboard gaming peripheral.

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