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The Easter Eggs of Golf Story

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Golf Story is a charming indie RPG about a young man’s struggle to become a pro golfer, whose journey is fraught with all kinds of trouble. The player has a wife that seemingly hates him, and a coach who sees him as a no-talent hack.

Golfing professionals and the media seem downright offended by his effort to join the pro tour, and the player is constantly battling with his inner fear of inadequacy.

The media never gives the player a second of rest.

Golf Story highlights the difficulty of making your dreams come true with a flair and comedic styling that somehow keep the subject matter from being oppressive or bleak. It doesn’t hurt that the game is fun as hell to play, and features some outlandish scenarios like a murder mystery in a Victorian clubhouse, or hitting flaming golf balls at frozen golfers to thaw them out.

These are all surprises, and each one adds something to the character of Golf Story, but the few genuine Easter Eggs the game has are truly something special.

This little house holds the secrets of Galf, the game to end all games.

I found the first Easter Egg well into the game. A house in the middle of the world map, just south of the haunted Oak Manor course houses a Galf enthusiast. You read that correctly: Galf.

“How about a round of Galf?”

Playing like a simplified version of Golf for the NES, Galf is a video game, and once the player finds it, they can play whenever they like via the Quick Play menu on the mode selection screen. Galf even comes with an old-school user manual, complete with references of its own.

The rules are simple, and controlling your swings is just like in the main game.

Players can also find a cartridge for Galf Nights if they find the Legendary Cache and give it to a certain special someone, but that’s not all Golf Story has to offer those with history in video games.

Later on in the game, the player finds themselves in a snowy region, searching for a book of golf rules. It sounds ridiculous, and like most RPG McGuffins, it is. The point is, this is when I stumbled upon a second major reference to classic video games.

This little maze has players gathering an excessive 900 spare golf balls to find the special ones hidden among them.

Tasked with finding a few special golf balls, players find themselves navigating a maze guarded by “snow bandits,” gathering small white dots that are DEFINITELY just golf balls and not at all a reference to Pac-Man.

Golf Story has a lot of charm, and far more references to other games and genre stereotypes, but I don’t want to spoil the whole game. If you like what you’ve seen so far, then I heartily recommend picking up a copy. It’s only $15 on the Nintendo eShop!

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