Switch 4.0 Update Sneakily Adds GameCube Controller Adapter Support

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Last week, Nintendo released Switch update 4.0.0, bringing with it a slew of positive changes to the Switch console. Turns out, one secretly thrown in feature is the Switch’s new ability to support the GameCube Controller Adapter released for the Wii U.


This comes as a bit of a surprise, as the only game that really supported the adapter before was Super Smash Bros. However, the adapter can be used for all games as of now, and seems to work fine across the board. Only a few functions, such as no left bumper or the C-stick push down, are omitted functionality wise.

Some speculation has been thrown around regarding a new Smash for the Switch, or release of a GameCube Virtual Console. Either prospect, for us, would be exciting news for Switch owners. What games would you like to see if a GameCube VC was released?

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