Super Mario Encyclopedia Set to Finally Release in US

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After over a year of no news regarding the previously canceled Super Mario Encyclopedia, it seems we finally have some concrete information on the book. According to Kotaku, the encyclopedia is being published by Dark Horse, and will be released on October 23 with a retail price of $39.99 (pre-order on Amazon).

The reference book itself is a 256-page guide to all things Mario from the years 1985-2015: descriptions of enemies and characters, level designs, tricks for completing levels, tips on finding collectibles; really just all things Mario, as one would expect.

If you live in Japan or Germany, the Super Mario Encyclopedia won’t be new to you: it was released back in October of 2015 for Japan to celebrate Mario’s 30th Anniversary, while Germany received their translated edition on October 12, 2017. The October release then seems fitting, and all signs are pointing to this finally getting out to the public.

There’s no word yet on any special edition, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Dark Horse did throw one out, considering their history there.  When pre-orders are live we’ll let you know, so be sure to keep up with us via Twitter for all the latest deals. Take a look at this review for the German version to get an idea of what is included.

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