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Shares of Nintendo Stock Rose After Some Suggested Apple Should Purchase the Gaming Giant

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As reported by Reuters, Nintendo Co stock rose 4.6 percent after a speculative article was released, suggesting that Apple buy up Nintendo as part of its future buying moves.

According to Tae Kim, writing for Barron’s, Apple is looking for an opportunity to spend its $130 billion in net cash to achieve the company’s goal of “net-cash neutral.” Gaming is one sector of the technology market Apple has yet to foray into (we don’t talk about the Bandai Pippin), and acquisition of an established and well-loved gaming system might just be the move Apple needs to make.

Market research firm Newzoo indicates the global gaming market grew 11% last year and projects it should continue to rise about 9% annually the next few years, raising the market to $174 billion dollars in spending. Forecasts show Nintendo generating almost $13 billion dollars in sales over the next year, a 7% stake in the overall global gaming sales. On paper, an acquisition seems like an advantageous move for Apple, but whether or not the move is right for Nintendo is another question. Investors seem to think so, and they acted accordingly to contribute to the rise in stock at end of day closing in Japan on Jan. 14, 2019.

The rally behind the rising Nintendo stock will likely be short-lived as the potential for a merger or acquisition are completely unclear and at this point purely based on media speculation.

What are your thoughts on a potential for merger? Would you like to see Nintendo gaming reach a wider platform through Apple devices beyond mobile apps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Shares of Nintendo Stock Rose After Some Suggested Apple Should Purchase the Gaming Giant

  1. Screw Apple’s greediness.
    Nintendo was and always will be independent from other company giants.
    If this goes into fruition, I’m going to start a petition to get Apple into the Supreme Court for acting in an attempt monopoly of (unecessarily) buying another company giant.
    Kinda ironic since Apple tried to get into gaming, but failed. BADLY, in the 90’s.

  2. Well if the model is: Apple give the tech and hardware and distribution channels
    and let Nintendo handle the game model and game structure. I AM SOLD.! <3

  3. I wouldn’t mind! Nintendo’s games are Excellent and Apple’s Hardware is excellent! It would be the perfect combination! I know Microsoft tried buying Nintendo before, but Nintendo just laughed and refused! (Thankfully)
    It would be nice to see Nintendo and Apple combine, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up!

  4. Apple and Nintendo, although my two most-loved brands, I don’t see it happening, even though Apple has gone down with Nintendo rising up. But, we need to see what might happen if Apple purchases Nintendo, what might change? What will stay? Will anything stay?

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