Super Mario Cereal with amiibo Compatibility Imminent?

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Update 11/29 8:00am
A Reddit user has posted a photo of the rear side of the box.

Super Mario Cereal

Update 11/28 4:00pm
Seems to be confirmed by Target’s inventory system.

Super Mario Cereal

Yes, you read that right: a Super Mario Cereal could be coming, along with amiibo compatibility. Rumors have began swirling as of yesterday regarding a possible Kellogg’s and Nintendo partnership, which would produce the beauty of amiibo-based cereal.

It is seemingly looking like this is a real-deal scenario, as a response from a Kellogg’s employee further fuels the fire, saying, “the new Super Mario Cereal that is hitting store shelves now. This star-shaped cereal features Super Mario-inspired marshmallows, and a limited number of packages will have an Amiibo powerup sticker that can be used on the Super Mario Odyssey game with the Nintendo Switch gaming console.” The employee went on to say that the cereal with amiibo stickers would be limited in production.

Chef Mario cooking up his own cereal?

In case you were curious, the last time Nintendo released a cereal was back in 1988, with the Nintendo Cereal System. That cereal, according to the Zelda Wikia, “…was a breakfast cereal produced by Ralston Cereals in 1988. The name of the cereal was based on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and promoted two of the most popular games for the NES: Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda.”

Who knows what we can expect the amiibo sticker on the cereal to do, but as soon as we have a box to test ourselves we’ll let you know!

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  1. Slight correction, the last Nintendo related cereal was the Pokemon cereal back in 2000! I know it’s partially Gamefreak but it still does count.
    Loved that stuff as a kid

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