Leaked Super Smash Bros Ultimate Code Confirms New DLC Character Inbound

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Update 1/31/19
Looks like the code names discovered by dataminers earlier this month have been removed in the version 2.0.0 update that was released this week. This change doesn’t necessarily mean that Nintendo removed the names because it revealed the next DLC character, but it certainly feels that way. Stay tuned!

Brace yourselves, as it looks like more Super Smash Bros Ultimate leaks have been confirmed. According to Twitter user KuroganeHammer, there is a new fighter that will appear as DLC down the road. As it stands, that character should be based on the Dragon Quest series, at least if the translation is correct.

While this may seem like a long shot, another Twitter user, KabalandStryker, confirmed that “Yuusha” in Japanese directly translates to “brave” in English. This is the Japanese name for the Hero class of the series. For those curious, the labels for upcoming DLC characters’ looks like this: fighter_kind_jackfighter_kind_packu, and fighter_kind_brave. Those code names, when translated from their params (code) into real words, come out to be: Jack for Joker from Persona, Packu for Piranha Plant, with the third character potentially based on the Dragon Quest series’ Hero class. The other option is that the “brave” wording could refer to Silicon Studios’ Bravely Default series, which also may work.

Code that refers to “brave” nameset

Regardless, it looks like Smash fans are in for a treat with an unconfirmed character set to make an appearance. Who do you believe the new challenger is? Sound off in the comments below.

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