Leaked EA Photo Mentions January Nintendo Direct, Release Date for Fe

The next Nintendo Direct date may have been leaked today, along with an upcoming Switch game’s release date. According to reddit user OldSoul2, an EA email chain they received referred to a Nintendo Direct to be coming in January, along with a February 2018 release date for the new 3D action game Fe.

The Direct is seemingly going to be tied to Fe, featuring an official trailer and hands-on game previews, but the actual date is yet undetermined.

The information comes from the user claiming that they had been part of a three-month long email campaign, bringing details of the games Fe and A Way Out. Fe will be released for the Switch, but unfortunately A Way Out will be skipped, as it stands.

The photo below is what OldSoul2 received:

Nintendo Direct 2018

The photo above highlights all of the information presented from the emails, but keep in mind that nothing is yet confirmed. The images do seem convincing, however. If any other news surfaces we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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