Nintendo Switch Play Time Resetting

Recorded Play Times for Nintendo Switch Titles Are Resetting After One Year

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Update: Nintendo has tweeted an official response regarding the issue. The full tweet can be found below, along with the original story.


Earlier today, multiple reports had surfaced regarding the Nintendo Switch deleting players’ playtime data after one year. After some further digging, though, it appears that the likely issue is within Nintendo’s activity log code. Namely, as Reddit user VOOK64 noted, “Nintendo’s code is only looking for the day and month you last played the game and figuring out the time since then. It’s ignoring the year.”

ResetEra user Lucas Thomas’ playtime screen.

It’s a curious decision to implement the playtime tracking without a year in the code. Of course, users of the feature are, understandably, not happy:

  • “So they managed to go from detailed gameplay tracking on the 3DS/Wii U to this nonsense? The Switch is great but it’s baffling how much in parts it’s actually regressed from the Wii U.”
  • “I’m really hoping this is just a bug. If they can’t give me achievements, the least they could do is give me play time bragging rights.”
  • “Just another case of ‘Because Nintendo.'”
  • “Everyone looks with a different set of eyes. I program for a living, so there’s various levels of facepalm in bugs. Getting date-time stamping wrong reaches these kinds of heights.”

The activity tracker on the Switch isn’t as presentable as it was on the Wii U, or even 3DS. Remember how the Wii U would show graphs of time played for games, or how much data the 3DS could show players? None of that, currently, can be found within the Switch’s programming.

The 3DS’ activity tracker.

There is some good news to be found here, if the current playtime model is anything to go by. As it stands, playtime pops up after 11 days of launching a title, meaning the original play time could be shown after an 11 day period. Tomorrow we will update this story with details regarding the issue.

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