Raji: An Ancient Epic

Raji: An Ancient Epic – Hands-On Impressions at PAX East 2020

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In a behind-closed-doors appointment, I had the privilege of being able to watch some gameplay for Raji: An Ancient Epic from Nodding Head Games and Super.com. This India-based team has something truly beautiful on their hands and I am excited to share a little bit about the experience with you all. 

This top-down, action-adventure tells the tale of a woman who has been chosen by the gods to help best the demons who are waging war in the realm of man. As the sold defender of the human race, Raji must travel through this world in order to save mankind. Filled to the brim with Indian mythology, this is a deep dive into an oft-under-represented group of gods and stories that feels like a lesson in history we should all have. 

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Combo-laden combat is the name of the game, as you blast from enemy to enemy with your trusted trident, or whatever other weapons you choose to equip your character with. The combat reminded me a bit of one of the Batman-Arkham titles, in that you will find yourself in groups of enemies, going toe-to-toe with melee fighting (even with a bow available as well). Combine that satisfying loop with Doom-style death blows and you have some seriously interesting ways to fight your way through this one. Magic also plays a part as you unlock new abilities through the favor of the gods, which just takes things to the next level. 

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Platforming is a major portion of the game as well, as you get from fight to fight, solving environmental puzzles along the way. This total loop seems to offer a lot of meat on the bone and is something I am stoked for. The portion I saw had you rotating a tree puzzle in order to reconnect the forces flowing through it, and beyond stumping you, these puzzles created seem to be just as pretty as the areas you will be visiting. 

Artistically, I was stunned. The group of artists working on this hand-painted all the environments, and with the camera fixed a good distance above our protagonist, we really get to see some beautiful vistas on this journey. This could take the award for the prettiest game I saw while at PAX East 2020, and I am beyond excited to see more of it as we get nearer to the release sometime in 2020, with a planned Nintendo Switch port.

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