PSA: Nyko Switch Dock Could Be Damaging Consoles

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Several users on a Reddit thread have described that the connector damaged their Switch consoles during normal use.

The Nyko Switch dock, which adds a few extra USB ports and has a great, portable, form factor, has been getting garnering excellent reviews.

In response, Nyko jumped onto Reddit for an AMA yesterday, where it openly commented on the concerns and stood by the quality of their product:

We always run our products through rigorous testing procedures. Any of our products that have electrical components also carry all required certifications like CE, UL, ROHS, etc., to ensure that they meet quality and safety standards.

We are only aware of one instance that came through our customer support team. We are investigating it now and taking care of that customer.

Furthermore, we warranty all of items. So, if a product ever has an issue, we will replace it. In the rare occurrence that our product damages the console or platform that it is designed for, we will replace that item as well. If you ever have any issues, please reach out to our customer support team at They are standing by locally to assist you.”

It’s commendable to see Nyko standing by their products at this level.

Did you order the Nyko Dock?  How is it working for you??  Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

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