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After being initially announced several months ago Nintendo has finally revealed details and a release date for Dragalia Lost, their first mobile game based off a new IP. The game releases on Sept. 27 and you can pre-register now on the iOS and Google Play Store.

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In Dragalia Lost you play as the seventh prince of the Kingdom of Alberia who must go on a quest to find a way to protect his kingdom when the Sacred Shard, which has protected Alberia from monsters for centuries, seems to be losing its power.

Gameplay happens in real time, and you’ll use the touchscreen on your mobile device to control your character’s movements and attacks. You can tap the screen to attack, swipe to dodge enemy attacks, and touch and hold to guide your character.

One of the biggest pieces of news for Dragalia Lost is that you’ll be able to play with other people in real time. All quests in Dragalia Lost are multiplayer compatible, and you can invite your friends or random players online to fill your party and join you on your quests as well as join other players’ parties as well.

As you play, you’ll be able to summon characters to join your party and dragons for those characters to form pacts with. Characters who have made a pact with a dragon can transform when they’ve gathered enough crystals from slain enemies, and each dragon offers something different in battle.

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Characters in Dragalia Lost all carry three distinct attributes: A unit type (Attack, Defense, Support, Healing), an element type (Flame, Wind, Water, Light, Shadow), and a weapon type (Sword, Dagger, Lance, Wand, Blade, Axe, Bow, Staff). For example, Elisanne, one of the characters you can meet on your journey, is a support unit with a lance weapon and a water element. Another character, Ranzal, carries the defense/wind/axe attributes.

In addition to simply leveling your characters up, you can also level up your weapons or acquire entirely new weapons which can change a character’s weapon attribute. You can also strengthen characters by unlocking nodes in the Mana Circle which can raise your stats. You can also create buildings in your Halidom to generate in-game currencies to level up in various ways or to summon characters, dragons, or other items.

Dragalia Lost will be free to play when it releases on Sept. 27 although it will contain in-app purchases, presumably for in-game currency used to summon characters and dragons similar to Fire Emblem Heroes.

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