Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Comes to Mobile Platforms Next Month

Nintendo previewed a new mobile experience, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp in a direct video tonight. The new app allows players to build and manage a campsite, decorating and outfitting it in different ways to attract different animal friends.

In this mobile game, you can complete tasks to earn materials to craft furniture, build feature amenities to really make your campsite stand out, and engage in all manner of campy activities.  For the first time, you have friendship levels with each animal friend, and the more they like your campsite and the favors you do for them, the higher that level will rise.

It’s party time!

The app also features a real time clock, with distinct environmental changes depending on the time of day, and characters each having unique schedules.  A welcome new feature is a deep character creation system, with clothing and RV customization options in town.

You can make friends with other camp managers as well, visiting their campsites and trading items. Which is awesome, but hey, Nintendo, can we get trading in Pokémon GO, already?  If I can trade apples for cotton in my Animal Crossing app, I should be able to trade Pokémon!

RV Customization is an awesome bonus!

Since this is a mobile free-to-play game, there is the usually currency/pay-to-play system.  The in-game currency is bells, but Leaf Notes are the premium currency, used to buy expensive items and speed up construction timers.  You can earn these in the game by hitting goals, or purchase them with real money. There will also be seasonal events and limited release items available in the app world.  

Pre-registration for Pocket Camp is active now on iOS and Android platforms.

Check back regularly at for more updates on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp as more information is released!

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