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Pikachu Talk Released for Amazon Alexa and Google Home in U.S.

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Have you ever wanted to converse with Pikachu? Well, now you can, as The Pokemon Company has released the Pikachu Talk voice skill set, allowing users to do exactly that: talk to Pikachu. The skill set works with Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices, and is available to download now.

Using commands such as, “OK Google, talk to Pikachu,” or,Alexa, ask Pikachu to talk,” anyone is able to start a conversation with Pokemon’s yellow mascot. Amazon’s listing claims that the Pokemon is able to talk about anything, saying, “[There are] all sorts of wonderful and charming responses.” To see this neat idea in action, check out this video from Twitter user John Halooka, showcasing the app with via Google Home:

The app supports six languages currently, and the app was originally launched in Japan in November of last year. All of the Pokemon-based content makes sense from Amazon, especially since they’ve launched their own Pokemon Channel. If you have any other test clips of you talking to Pikachu we’d love to hear them!

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