Nintendo’s N64 Trademark Approved: is the Nintendo 64 Classic Incoming?

Nintendo’s application for a Nintendo 64-based image has been registered, or approved, in Europe, one year after its initial filing. The European Union Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO, officially registered the trademark back on August 28th.

The registered image.

As you might deduce from the image, it’s eerily similar to the NES and SNES Classic Edition’s logos, bringing that same clean, refined look to a Nintendo 64 controller.

The NES and SNES Classic logos.

This is interesting news, as you might’ve heard about Sony’s PlayStation Classic console that’s set to launch early December. Clearly, everyone is still interested in small consoles containing some of their favorite old-school games on-board. While Sony’s console may be the first 3D-based release in this department, Nintendo may not be far behind.

If, and when, any other news drops about a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition, you’ll get all the details from us.

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