Square Enix is Ready to “Aggressively” Support Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo fans and adopters of the Switch can rejoice a little more as Square Enix has pledged to “aggressively” support the console within the upcoming years. They went on to say that any IP could make over, old or new, and the structure of the Switch is similar to the Xbox One and PS4, making multi-platform ports  possible.

The news came from their quarterly fiscal year meeting, where Square Enix had multiple praises for the Switch, and what it is doing for the gaming community. Square is happy with  how well the Switch is selling, and recognizes the Switch’s “unique” position in the gaming market.

Also, the developer stated their plans to announce a “major” title next fiscal year. This would mean that, as soon as April, we’d have a game to look forward to at E3 coming to the Switch.

As hard as it is to believe, as games are seemingly overflowing at the moment for Switch, the idea of Final Fantasy or Life is Strange running on the Switch is good news for anyone, but especially any prior fans.

What’s your number one Square Enix game that you’d like to see on the Switch?



One thought on “Square Enix is Ready to “Aggressively” Support Nintendo Switch

  1. Final Fantasy XV would be awesome! Also, the Secret of Mana 1 remake and the compilation in the US defintely need to happen.

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