Nintendo Switch has Shipped Over 10 million Units, Outlook Seems Bright

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As if the Nintendo Switch couldn’t keep its momentum up, Reggie Fils-Aimé announced today that the Switch has passed 10 million units sold worldwide. In nine short months, the Switch has outperformed the Wii U; it took the inferior console two-and-a-half years to hit that mark.

The Switch has proved to be immensely popular; so much so that Nintendo has struggled, up until recently, to keep up with demand. The demand had been so high, in fact, that the company revised its sales goal for the year, upping it to a hearty 17 million by April. This number, if hit, would also outpace the Wii U’s lifetime sales, as the last Nintendo home console squandered a measly 13.6 million units in a span of five years.

This is all good news for Nintendo itself, and for fans of the company and game developer. These types of numbers puts them square with the likes of Microsoft and Sony for hardware sales, as the PS4 sold roughly 10 million units after its first nine months, with the Xbox One not hitting the mark until 10 months.

Nintendo must be jumping for joy with the news of unit sales so high.

The Switch has great games, amazing support, and the ultimate drive to keep Nintendo at the forefront of gaming, and we couldn’t be more excited to see where they take it from here. Congrats Nintendo, and let’s keep the good times rolling.



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