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Nintendo Reveals Host of New Features in Super Mario Maker 2

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It only lasted for 15 minutes, but Nintendo packed a whole lot of info about Super Mario Maker 2 into a 15 minute Direct earlier today. There’s too much to list out here, but we can go over a few big ones that most people should be excited about.

Nintendo confirmed that slopes will be available this time around, even slopes with varying steepness. The angry sun from Super Mario Bros. 3 and snake blocks are being added as well along with on/off switches that can be used to affect blocks, conveyor belts, or even changing paths. In water courses, you can set the water level and even set it to change partway through the level. Autoscroll is also available now too, both horizontally and vertically.

Mario Maker 2 will also host co-op course making and new clear conditions for courses including things like collecting a certain number of coins, defeating certain enemies, or even reaching the goal with a specific powerup. The game will also feature a story mode where you need to help rebuild Peach’s castle. You can complete premade courses to collect coins to help with the rebuilding and as you progress you can unlock more and more difficult courses.

The sequel will also include new course themes including desert, snow, forest, and sky featuring new music composed by the legendary Koji Kondo himself.

Instead of the angry sun, you can also add in the moon, which gives courses a night theme and can give some special effects to your courses.

One of the biggest additions to the game is the Super Mario 3D World game style. Unfortunately, you can’t actually make 3D levels. You can still only move left and right, but this game style will include many features specific to the game it is styled after that can’t be used in other game styles. Clear pipes, cat Mario, warp boxes, crates, spike blocks, blinking blocks, Piranha creepers, Meowser, Charvargh, Pom Pom, and more will be exclusive to the 3D World game style.

Some of Mario Maker 2’s biggest additions come in the online portion of the game. You can search for courses with a variety of specific features or tags and leave comments on courses as well. You’ll be able to download courses as well and customize your Maker profile.

The Endless Challenge lets you play a neverending series of levels until you reach a game over and try for a high ranking on the leaderboards, while Network Play introduces entirely new ways to interact with other players.

Network Play includes multiplayer versus, where you can race against three other players online to complete a random course first. Multiplayer Co-op requires all players to work together to complete the course. If up to four people with a Switch and Mario Maker 2 are close to each other, you can set up a room for everyone to play together.

Nintendo announced that you can pre-order a bundle of Super Mario Maker 2 and a 12-month NSO membership for $69.99, just $10 more than the game itself. If you already have NSO, the 12 months you get in this bundle will stack on top of your current membership. Additionally, Nintendo also announced that NSO members can buy Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers. Game Vouchers are sold in pairs for $99.99 and each voucher is good for one game to download on the eShop. While it’s $100 up front, you can use the vouchers for $60 games and end up saving $10 per game, which is an amazing deal.

Nintendo closed the Direct by announcing the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational, which will take place on June 8th at E3. More info can be found at

Super Mario Maker 2 releases on June 26th only on the Nintendo Switch.

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