Nintendo Labo Kits Will Feature Downloadable Codes in Japan, File Size Revealed

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The physical versus digital debate has been at the forefront of gaming for a bit now, and it seems Nintendo is furthering their pursuit of supporting both sides. According to the official Japanese My Nintendo Store, the Nintendo Labo Kits in Japan will include a downloadable eShop code for the Labo software, rather than a physical copy that other regions are receiving. Additionally, the file sizes for the Variety and Robot software will be 1.2 GB, requiring at least that to download.

Of course, one would then wonder if the bundles themselves will make their way to the other regions featuring the code. It would make sense, if so, considering that if someone wanted to bring their Labo creations on the go with them, having something else to bring may hinder that experience. Yet, the cartridges are very small, so Nintendo could just be cutting costs for reasons due to profit.

If you do pickup the downloadable version the codes will be valid for five months, expiring on September 16, 2018. Missed any information regarding the Nintendo Labo kits? Feel free to catch up by checking out this overview of Nintendo’s newest hardware.

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